3 Tools to Create personalized iGoogle Themes


iGoogle is your personalized space on Google to access all your favorite stuff. At iGoogle you can read and place the content according to your liking. Besides the content, you can also personalize the looks of your iGoogle page.

There are number of pre-designed themes in the iGoogle Theme Directory. Besides, it also lists the procedure to make your own personalized theme. However, using that procedure to make iGoogle theme may require lots of bells and wishltes. Here are few simpler options to create your own personalized iGoogle theme:

1. igThemer [hawidu.com/themes] – This tool automatically make iGoogle themes using the new Google API. There is web based form to select color attributes of each part of theme. After you are done with configuration, click on create button to get your own customized theme.

2. iGoogle theme API bookmarklet [chris4403.blogspot.com/2008/01/igoogle-theme-api-bookmarklet.html] – It allows you to edit the theme directly in iGoogle and see the changes in real-time. Very handy to use as changes can be seen real-time.

3. Haochi’s igthemer [googlified.com.googlepages.com/themecreator.htm] – It is similar to igThemer and is still under coding. Tool is not completely ready, however you can save the link to check back later.

In case you do not want to create themes but still want a refreshing change on iGoogle page, then check out some cool iGoogle themes in iGoogle theme directory. Also, check here toPersonalize your iGoogle homepage by designing your own theme.


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