Actual number of unread items / posts in Google Reader


google-reader-unread-count-numberGoogle Reader (RSS junkies) are well aware of situation when you don’t open reader for few days. Unread posts or items pile up like anything and show 1000+ unread, with no way to see the actual count of unread items in Google Reader.

Google Reader Unread Count is a userscript that can display the actual number of unread item instead of vague 1000+ number. For example, you will see unread number of 1012 or 1090 instead of 1000+ estimate.

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Grab the Google Reader Unread Count script [via], if you want to see actual number of unread items instead of boring 1000+ number. Useful for bulk RSS guzzlers via Google Reader, what say?



  1. I’ve whined for at least a year about this and every time I searched for a solution, no one ever had one. I’m glad I finally found this. <3

  2. Only works for groups of feeds – not individual feeds such as “Yahoo Latest” which still say (1000+).

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