Convert online flash videos into non-flash Ogg format


Majority of online videos like on Youtube, Dailymotion are in flash video format. Do you want to watch online flash videos without the Flash technology? This can be easily achieved by converting an online flash video into non-flash open source ogg video format. You can watch resultant video without any flash support in the web browser.

TinyOgg Flash to Ogg conversion

1. Open TinyOgg website for online conversion.
2. Enter or paste video URL & select audio / video option.

3. Click to tick options for public listing of videos & HQ video download.
4. Click Convert button to start conversion.

So, why chose Ogg over Flash? With Ogg format you can enjoy the media “natively” as there is no need to install any plugin or addon to your browser. There will be not need to load heavy and possibly unsafe scripts, which helps with speed and stability. It is free, open source and hence no monopoly. Download your favorite online videos in non-flash format using TinyOgg online converter or check alternative ways to download online videos.


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