Create Document from any Email received on Gmail


Gmail just bumped up another cool feature for your important emails. ‘Create a document’ feature allows you to convert and save any email in Google Docs format in just a single click. After you enable this feature, you will get an option ‘Create a document’ while browsing email messages.

A Click on this link will convert a specific email into document format and will safely store it in document format in your Google Docs. This is very useful feature save very important emails in document format with much fuss.

Login to your Gmail and then click on settings link at the top. Then click on ‘labs’ tab and look for option ‘Create a Document’. Select enable next to this option and click on save changes. From now on you will see ‘Create a Document’ option next to each email message in your Gmail inbox for quick and easy conversion to document format.

As pointed by Gmail Blog, incase you do not want to convert any email to document format and want to work on fresh document – hit the g key and then w key. This will open blank docs window, provided keyboard shortcuts is enabled [ settings > general > keyboard shortcuts].



  1. Insightful as an article on turning on a faucet.

  2. This is a new features info for me coz all the time I used Gmail, I never paid attention on other features it bring for me Gmail is only a post box. But now I must reconsider it and treat gmail in full featured. Thanks for reminding me

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