Einstein Head on an Android from Outer Space!


Scientists have given ‘Einstein’ a comeback as an android head with a humanoid body. This project named as “Albert HUBO” aims to integrate the two distinct research areas of an android robot and a bi-ped humanoid robot.

Seems like heavy loaded stuff, anyway they have found a good foil in the form of humanoid head to hide all those robotic wires. Check out the picture, it is just like Einstein coming back from space Voyage!

Besides the appearance looking new, this biped walking robot with an android head is a first in the world achievement. The single robot is comprised of two independent systems. The head and body are each controlled by separate PCs, with the software for facial expressions being operated by Microsoft Windows XP.

Also this wonder can walk, bow, shake hands. It can also exhibit facial expressions like sadness, anger, surprise, happiness and lip sync well while speaking. Here is close look of head-contents:

A new material called “frubber” has been used to give realistic look to the face. This soft material help impart that delicate facial expressions. Can this be future Consumer android?

Well if they can achieve looks of a human and functionality of a robot, then answer is YES. I guess still lot of research and testing will be done to fine tune all aspects. [via – Robot World News]


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