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RSShugger is new innovative service to promote your blog. Also, you can get a webpage on RSShugger for 10 years for free or for $20.

Since this involves manual review of all the activities on the website, spam will surely be checked (love it!)

Here is the procedure, previously RSShugger offered listing for $20 for 10 years or $10 for 10 years provided you blog about the service. However, now the service is FREE if you blog about the service. If you do not wish to blog about service then you can get listed for $20 for 10 years. Here is the simple procedure:

  • Open the website and click on register.
  • After you enter details, login into your account.
  • Click on add your blog and enter URL/feed details there.
  • Then blog about service or pay $20 for 10 years.

Must say, a very creative way to get quality bloggers hooked. Another option for blogger to promote their blog and get into the limelight. Besides it will provide outlet for general folk to check out best of blog post of their interest.

RSShugger: WebsiteBlogRegister

I am sure this will go viral with more and more blogger talking about RSShugger. Surely everyone is ready to hug this RSS baby, what say?

UPDATE – tothepc has been approved by RSShugger. Now we have our webpage on RSShugger.



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