Official Microsoft products account on Twitter


Twitter got many big companies like Dell, Google with their official accounts. Microsoft products have their individual accounts on Twitter to allows users to get latest updates. Microsoft is finally showing life on its main twitter account @Microsoft. Twitter users can follow Microsoft main account and other Microsoft accounts for more personalized interaction.


You can track different products updates and interesting bits of news of Microsoft products on their respective Twitter account. Besides, you can also discover new users who use and admire specific Microsoft product. Here is list of Microsoft accounts on Twitter: explore, follow and tweet. [source]

@Microsoft – the main Microsoft communication
@MSWindows – For Microsoft Windows
@ie – Internet Explorer
@Bing – Bing search engine
@bingcashback – Bing Cashback
@WindowsLive – Microsoft Windows Live

@liveframework – Windows Live Framework
@livemesh – Windows Live Mesh
@wlmessenger – Windows Live Messenger
@SharePoint – SharePoint
@bizspark – Microsoft BizSpark
@zunemarketplace – Zune Marketplace

@wmdev – Windows Mobile
@officelabs – Microsoft Office Labs
@Microsoft_Xbox – Xbox
@MSMyPhone – Microsoft My Phone Team
@msaccess – Microsoft Access
@SilverlightNews – Silverlight News (by Dave Campbell)
@fixit4me – Microsoft Fix It
@Live_at_edu – Microsoft Live@edu
@MSSurface – Microsoft Surface

Above replace @ with to visit specific Microsoft account on Twitter. For example @Microsoft is



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