Relish Fab 5 Windows7 features in Vista / XP


Windows7 official release will still take sometime to mature. Incase you want to tryout new Windows7 features on your Windows Vista or XP computer, then following is for you. Checkout utilities and software to get Windows7  features in Vista / XP.

1. Aero Shake Just shake any opened window, this will minimize all other windows leaving only one window open. So shake, minimize windows and clean up the desktop.

2. Windows7 WordpadWordpad gets a bump in looks and functionality. This free Wordpad 2009 sports a ribbon user interface as seen in Office 2007.

3. Windows7 Media Player Relish all new Windows Media Player12 of Windows7 on your Windows Vista computer. Just copy one file, one folder and you are all set for Media Player12 (not for XP).

4. New Windows7 TaskbarWindows7 gets a taskbar makeover which is more easy to use with thumb preview. This transformation require few steps, have patience and follow steps on the weblink.

5. AeroPeekThis new feature allows you to peek behind windows on a transparent desktop screen. You can get this feature in Vista and XP by installing AeroPeek utility.

As we head closer to Windows7 launch, expect to see more features being ported for Vista and XP till we can try them on actual Windows7 operating system. UPDATE – Get Windows7 like clock in XP / Vista computer



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