Top Twitter spammers: check, view & report spam Twitter users


Twitter is a cool micro-blogging service with lot of users interacting actively. Every good thing has its share of bad elements, often referred as Twitter spammers. These are fake user IDs that spread malicious and illegal content links by following and getting followed from genuine Twitter users. Tweet Blocker is interesting web service to keep eye on spamming Twitter users.


It shows list of Top Twitter spammers getting attention in Twitterverse. You can add Tweet blocker bookmarklet link to your web browser and report Twitter spammers in single click. It also allows you to check any Twitter user ID for spam acitivty. Here is result for our Twitter ID tothepc, look all good!


Checkout Tweet Blocker and help clean up spam mess on Twitter. Keep an eye on top spammers that might have entered your Twitter community and may require clean-up. And of course, report those not so good user IDs spamming Twitter with malicious content.


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