5 ways to fix slow Internet Explorer browser


Internet Explorer web browser is used by lot of users to surf the internet. “My Internet Explorer has slowed down, was working very quickly first time I used it“. Ideally, over a period of time Internet Explorer may slow down. This may result is slower website opening and Internet Explorer freezing or causing errors. Following are few simple ways to speed up IE browser.

1. Use latest Internet Explorer browser

Make sure you are using latest stable version (not beta version) of Internet Explorer. Latest version offer improvement functionality and performance. Download latest IE from www.microsoft.com/ie

2. Check installed IE Addons

Over period of time, you may be installing more addons for Internet Explorer. Since each addon behaves differently and may result in slowing down of IE browser. You can check load time of specific addons and disable them accordingly. Alternatively, you can start IE without addons for faster web browsing in Internet Explorer.

3. Reset Internet Explorer settings

Sometimes customized settings of Internet Explorer may result is slower browsing experience. You can easily check on this by resetting Internet Explorer settings. Goto Tools > Internet Options to access reset button to revert all IE settings to default.

4. Disable all IE addons

If turning off specific addons does not resolve issue, you can consider disabling all Internet Explorer addons. Majority of users do not use addons in Internet Explorer and hence it should not spoil your normal web surfing routine in Internet Explorer.

5. Check speed of Internet Connection

Slow web surfing could be result of bad or slow internet connection instead of issue with Internet Explorer browser. Make sure you check your Internet Connection speed to isolate this cause for possible slow internet browsing.

Besides above, make sure you clear temporary files on the computer and stored in Internet Explorer. Delete prefetch & other temporary files to speed up Windows and Internet Explorer.



  1. IE’s “speed in only an epiphenomenon …”
    I must look that up
    – maybe its like an oxymoron (eg: madeline allbright)

  2. All the above is good advice on how to get IE working
    I could add is that once you get IE working,
    Don’t touch it
    Leave it alone so that it can do updates

    If you try to upgrade it, downgrade it or even use it for browsing it will probably break and then you can’t do any updates.

    Use a different browser for everyday use and leave IE to do updates only
    There are lots of browsers to choose from

    If you are really keen on using IE then at least download another browser SOON so that when IE stops working you can get some online help.

  3. switch to Mozilla Firefox- it’s superfast- Windows Internet Explorer barely even works- super slow- even IE3 was faster than the crap they’ve got now!

  4. Kyler IE Outreach Team says

    Great list of easy tricks to speed up the browser! These simple fixes really do dramatically speed up browsing!

    IE Outreach Team

  5. Apfelgluck says

    How to make a snail go faster ?!
    Internet Explorer is a problem in itself compared to what its speed in only an epiphenomenon …
    Good Heavens.

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