Windows Vista Becomes Mojave to Trick & Please you?


Windows Vista has been hated bashed around very badly in the past. After Vista Service Pack1 update, Vista looks better than before. Microsoft is trying other means to appeal to people at large – so after interesting Vista Ad campaign to bite Apple, here comes Mojave Experiment.

“… What do people this of Windows Vista when they don’t know it’s Windows Vista? We disguised Windows Vista as codename “Mojave”, the next Microsoft OS,” so regular people who’ve never used Windows Vista could see what it can do and decide for themselves.”

So, Windows Vista gets Mojave name to trick and please you with Vista (of course). Windows Vista does have issues and biggest issue is of perception (which is negative!).

Microsoft aims to change that negative perception by re-enforcing the fact its the name going wrong and not the actual product. Hope they are correct on that part.

Mojave Experiment is one big marketing exercise by Microsoft. They have even setup its website full of links to know more about and purchase options for Windows Vista. Of course you can also check interesting videos of victims of Mojave Experiment!


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