Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted, how to fix this error?


Here is the situation, you are trying to open a webpage. Website loads and you see a pop up message “Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted”, click on ok and partially loaded page turns to “page cannot be displayed…”.

If you open same webpage in other web browser like Firefox, webpage will load fine and there will no error. I have seen such errors on number of websites and always though it was bad website coding or internet connection and moved on to other website.

Hell broke lose when I started getting the same dreaded error on my other website and I could not access any webpage in Internet Explorer. However, website worked fine in Firefox. Surely something was wrong there.

I googled around and landed at Nirmal TV, this and this. So reading some good amount of documentation and comments on number of websites I was able to figure out the cause of error. This is basically issue with Internet Explorer not able to understand ‘Javascript code’ on your website. It is more to do with the placement of that Javascript code. Here is what I did to fix this:

  • Removed all the Javascript codes of Adsense, Feedburner & other.
  • Then added Javascript code one by one and checked for the error.
  • Bingo, I found it was my Kontera Javascript Ad code causing issue.

Here is the final Punch, this code was placed at the bottom of the template. I removed the code and did not get the error. But it was surely placement of the code and not the code causing the issue.

Then I placed the code before “<?php get_footer(); ?>” and issue was finally resolved. So if you are dealing with similar error, try to play around with  the placement of Javascript code in the template and issue should be fixed. Other possible reason for such issue is Google Map API in the code (like when you have a Google Map embedded in your webpage). Check here to deal with that.

One funny resolution to this issue can be “STOP USING IE”. Well easier said than done, still lots of people use IE and they will not able to access my website. So this error had to be taken care off!



  1. Arnold Baker says

    Glad this was available. I needed this to fix some Wyse devices with this problem!

  2. erlee espinosa says

    Many many thanks to “rijosh” and “bloodshows” suggestions. They worked for me!

  3. internet exployer cannot open the internet side can you plase help me i cannot do surthing thing examblevideo or picture

    • Colten Garrett says

      Mine was doing this all the time so i went to and downloaded internet explorer 9 an update for the internet. The error is cased by a updated scrips within websites that old internet explorers can’t read right. update your internet explorer and you will be 100% fine email me if this don’t work and I’ll find some other way

  4. My Problem
    internet explorer connot open the internet site://inmg50.mail operation aborted.

  5. johnsaxon says

    Thx,..Solution is fine dude! but hw cn i get rid of this from customer point of view!! c’mon we cant give this instructions whoever opens the site isn’t?????

  6. Not sure if anyone still needs help on this, but for most people there’s a simple solution. Just go to Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level/ Then almost at the bottom of the list you’ll see “scripting”, choose disable for “active scripting”, then hit apply. Restart Internet Explorer and that problem should be gone.

    • This worked! Only solution that I had found to work.!!!

      IE8 does not not work in our environment and a re-image of the drive was not going to happen. The error was happening on all profiles and even downgrading to IE6. Machine was scanned for any infections and all Add-ons were disabled.

  7. Thanks but maybe you know how I can get rid of the java tm plug-in 2 ssv helper jp2ssv.dll error [] each time I open my IE? It is really irritating, I even reinstalled IE but this error keeps popping up.

  8. Gaaaaa! Im so frustrated and confused about what the hell Javascript is… isn’t it like a coding language? I dont know how to read code!!! How am i supposed to edit the code of a website!?!? How do i see it, where is it? And is this all done on the browser, or is it somewhere else in the computer? HEEELLLPPP!!

  9. A. whitfield says

    Brilliant. That worked for me. THanks so much!

  10. Similar problem arises in my blog site but may be problem in some javascript as when I remove one script it works ok.

  11. thanks.. you make my day happy :)

  12. I’ve been using IE 7 for a couple of years and never had this problem until I recently had to replace a hard drive and re-install windows XP and IE 7 last week. Ever since then when I visit certain sites, like Walmarts & run a search, I get the “Internet explorer cannot open the Internet site” “Operation aborted” error. So it seems that something about IE 7 didn’t get installed properly. I see suggestions that I should just upgrade to IE8, but I’ve heard complaints about IE8 so all I want to do is just get my IE 7 fixed.

  13. I think the complete solution to this for the developers and programmers is avoiding putting javascript in your body section make sure all scripts are embedded in the head section. otherwise for users you should avoid using IE browsers. Turn to chrome, mozilla, and safari.

  14. If you find out, let me know!

  15. I have a good solution for this error ‘internet explorer cannot open the internet site ‘

    In internet explorer Go to—>Tools–>Internet options—->Security tab—->Choose Custom level—>take scripting section then disable that active scripting apply this setting and restart the internet explorer……


  16. It’s stripping out the html. Just after the BODY or just before the /BODY

  17. Samuel, try moving the javascript that’s currently in the to just below the body tag itself, or right before the

  18. Anyone got a real solution to this problem? it’s really eating up my head. Initially my website could not complete loading in Internet explorer. After loading half way i got the ‘internet explorer cannot ……’ error. I disabled some modules on the module manager. Now it loads but when i click on a tab at the top, The error comes again. What really is the damn problem with Internet explorer??

    Kindly somebody try out and tell me a way forward.

  19. henkedo says

    Add attribute defer=”defer” in your inline script tag

  20. hi please help with a solution I can access any other web site but not my RAS server error can not open website i am running win vista.

  21. I couldn’t open the site The ‘check here’ link in this article, wouldn’t open to anything. (Said I couldn’t open it)
    I downloaded IE 7, again, last week.

  22. Thanx man you have saved my life
    i tried your suggetions and now my blog work fine in INTERNET EXPLORER.

  23. I have flex SWF embedded in my JSP and get this error “Internet Explorer can not open the Internet Site Operation aborted” when accessing this page in the application. Accessing any other page in application is workng fine. Any help/suggestion would be highly appreciated.

    • brother i had also this problem with my blog it did not open in i.e but i follows above artical publish in this site.(this site is really best i am gonna invite many friends to visit this site) i removed one java scrip like google api script then i fixed that problem.if you have same one then you can do it like me.

      you are invited to visit my blog through internet explorer.
      and see the result…..

  24. I am using joomla. with internet explorer 8 i got the following message: internet explorer can not open the internet site. operation apported
    any idea?


  26. Found the fix it appears most people are looking for. It’s caused by a conflict with IE7 and the flash embed code used by YouTube and other video sites. Obviously, this fix will only work if you are the site developer.

    Here is an example of the classic video embed code:

    …..object width=”445? height=”364?………………>…../embed>

    Simply remove the Object code so the result is:

    …..embed src=”http://………..&hl=en&fs=1&border=1? type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”445? height=”364?>

    This all you need to do.

    If you want to test this solution, simply go to my website which has 5 embeds on the home page.

  27. well i got the fix. do not use more than one javascript library on a single page. this will surely solve the problem.

  28. One of the users of my website quoted saying this error occurred while accessing my website. I tried to replicate the same but coud’nt reproduce it with all the possible IE’s. What possible could be the reason? Does the load on the server too play a role?

    • Error only appear in IE, make sure user who reported error was using IE and not FF. This issue is due to javascript, try removing and repositioning JS code in the template.

  29. thanks for the information but my site is working fine

  30. Well i have tried all the fixed however i am still facing issues. IE is worst. I always face issues with only & only IE. I seldom use IE but unfortunately while creating a website you can not neglect it.


  32. I’ve had this error message (and went nuts), but I cracked (not my head) the code, just in time.

    This is what I did –>

    Thanks for all the helpful info.



  34. i dont have Kontera Ad on my blog..
    but the comment page faces error whenever my readers try to comment in IE..
    what could be the problem?
    i have feedburner, google ad, sitemeter and another ad by local ad company..

    • Davinder says

      @Kenwooi To isolate issue, remove all add Javascript codes and then check by adding each one by one.

  35. Hi there.. im having this problem with only a few sites, one of them is, everytime i go to the second comments page section or wanna come back to the first i get this error.. not so tech savvy y guy & dont know how to check the javascript & shuffle the templates. Is there a easier way to fix this problem? plz help. Thanx

  36. THANK YOU!!! I have ben up all night trying to fix this!! Tried Microsoft Help other websites…. Not until here! Yea it was my java script placed at the footer. I had just placed a 3 column footer and just tried clearing my sidebars a bit….

    Phew….thanks again

  37. defer=”defer” worked for me.

  38. problem with kontera script. I already verified with all methods. Kontera script is crashing with other scripts. I already informed them clearly with evidence and waiting for thier reply…

  39. Same problem ,

    I think i need to remove kontera

  40. The same problem exploded today, on August 2nd, in relation with Sitemeter. The explanation of the cause plus 7 methods to cure the bug:

  41. Wow! I can’t believe it. I found the problem. It is actually the Sitemeter script. I have had that thing in the code for 3 years and NOW it acts up!

  42. This is a HUGE problem. I have done all of the suggestions above and nothing is working. All of my websites/blogs cannot be viewed all of a sudden. I thought maybe it was this computer but I checked them on a completely different computer and it is the same problem. How could it be a code if it is on different website/blogs? Please help!

  43. it’s easy to fix this issue. Just remove sitemap site. Good luck…

  44. I appear to get the same pop up now i get it on wikipedia as well. would it help if i removed java from my computer, would that make the problem go away.

  45. @David

    Perform system restore to remove Updates. In case issue persists, check it in FireFox.

  46. I am getting this pop-up while trying to get into my Inbox in GMail. And, it was not doing so before I chose to install some updates by Microsoft. The problem started right after the updates.

  47. @Terry You can check on this issue by:

    – perform system restore
    – Install IE7, if using IE6
    – Repair IE

    Hope this helps, solution to this error is more of hit and try.

  48. I am getting a similar problem. I do not get it in Mozilla and my husband’s computer works in IE. The outfit that designed the website for me is not getting it in ie 6, 7 or mozilla so it must be something wrong MY IE….any ideas? I have cleared my temp files and history but that didn’t work.

  49. @Barry I believe you are getting this error while visiting a specific website.

    This issue is a result of conflicting javascript in that site code. One has to figure out which code by hit and trial as explained above.

    As of now, there is no downloadable patch to fix this. IE upgrade may help!

  50. Does a downloadable solution from Microsoft or Java exist for this error? For those of us who are not tech savvy and are not able to fool around in javascript. Running IE6 SP2 on XP.

  51. Boy what a huge problem. I was doing fine and then I saw a 70% decrease in my stats. I was like DANG IT!! I noticed this issue about IE and what a pain in the Arse! Really people should forget it but anyway. I had to find the problem so I redesigned my blog and in my case it was a criteo widget (it is a blog community widget). The funny thing is that I have 2 blogs with the exactly same template as the one that crashed in IE but those widgets are fine. GO FIGURE. Thanks for the post man!

  52. I had this problem with IE as well but none of the solutions proved to help. I was using javascript I had used on another site but for no good reason, IE crashed on this new site. After spending some time reading sites on the error and trying to figure out whats clashing with the javascript I finally found the solution.
    Div tags with javascript can also cause this error. Let me explain..
    My content didn’t have any tables, it was purely div tags with javascript in the footer and the head. If I removed one or the other the site loaded but moving it around didn’t do anything. All I did was put my entire content, from body open to just before the footer javascript, in a table of 100% width and no you don’t even know its there. Just by doing this, the site now loads in IE….a miracle yes?

  53. cool… Is Kontera link showing on front page in FireFox?

    Also make sure you try checking this issue by pasting kontera code above “<?php get_footer(); ?>” and few other closing php tags in your template.

    Sadly, this is more of a hit and trial thing.

  54. i followed what you did and put my kontrera at the bottom of the main index.php, and so as to single posts and worked perfect now.
    but my main page doesn’t show any kontrera link. how can i bring it back?thanks

  55. thanks for this tip. i will do this. fellow entrecard member informed me about my site aborted using IE.

  56. I cannot open ANY websites with IE 7, but have no problem
    with MSN Explorer and I use Firefox, that works fine too.
    I don´t know anything about javascript and don´t know what to do to get IE 7 to function.

  57. @Mia try following steps to check this issue:

    1. Delete all the temporary files from the computer.

    2. Restart the computer and try again.

    3. If issue persists, try checking in different web browser, if using Internet Explorer then check for the issue in Firefox.

  58. cannot open/view image from flickr? how to fix this error?

  59. @Rob & Nirmal… Issue doesnt seem to be with Kontera script but with the placement of script of your template file.

    IE cannot understand the some JS if placed out of loop of php or div function.

    Previously Kontera code placed at the botttom of template, I moved it in a php function and issue was resolved.

    Yes, issue does not appear if you remove kontera code all together.

    Also, please note issue does not appear if you correctly re-locate kontera code in the template.

  60. For me also, it was the Kontera script which was causing the Issue.

  61. Correction… it is happening on 35 other sites…. Grrrrr


  62. The exact thing happened to me. It was fine yesterday and then today, bam! One of my websites died because of the Kontera JS code. I removed the code and all is fine.

    My other sites are not affected. Not very nice of Kontera to make a change that breaks all of our websites…

  63. I got the same error, and also just realized it was the Kontera code. It was working just fine though (for a month), up until yesterday. Must have been a recent (poor) update from Kontera that caused it to break sites in IE.

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