Change default Web Browser to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

PC users can install multiple web browsers on their computer and use them simultaneously. While there can be multiple browser installed on Windows PC but there can be only one default browser. Any website url opened from external programs like Word document will open in the default

How to use Google Chrome & Firefox as Notepad

Notepad provide an ideal neat layout for typing out thoughts without any distractions. If you live in the web browser, why open notepad application on Windows. You can easily convert your web browser into notepad without installing any plugin software. Modern web browsers like: Google

How to check Firefox Plugins for new updates

Plugins are very useful in making web browser functionality more smooth and productive. Firefox support plugins allowing users to have better web browsing experience as they surf different types of online content like Flash videos, java games in the browser. Plugins are made by third party

Restore & add background image to Google homepage

Following Bing footsteps, Google added backgroud image feature to google website homepage. This features allow users to upload and display any custom image as background on Google website. Unfortunately, Google has retired this feature and now users cannot add background image to Google

How to enable ‘Do Not Track’ in Google Chrome & Firefox

Lot of websites track webpages you visit to display customized advertisements and content suggestions. To check on this system of tracking online user activity, 'Do Not Track' support was introduced. Now 'Do Not Track'  is an integrated feature within popular web browsers like Google

Change browser user agent in IE, Chrome, Firefox

Websites identify web browser through user agent settings. If you change user agent, then a website may take it as different web browser while you may be using same web browser. Modern web browsers have in-built feature to change user agent settings. Popular web browsers like: Internet

Enable or disable PDF viewer in Firefox

New release of Firefox (version 15) support lot of new features like Responsive design check tool and even an in-built PDF viewer. This allows you to directly open any PDF file with-in Firefox browser without having to launch third party program for viewing PDF files. As such PDF files

Save all opened websites URLs in Chrome & Firefox

We often open and browse multiple websites at any given time. With tabbed interface, browsing multiple websites in a single browser window is easy and it saves time. Sometimes while browsing, you may need to attend to an offline task urgently. Immediately closing browser window will close

Responsive design check tool in new Firefox

Firefox browser has been updated with latest version 15 release. Besides usual performance enhancements, Firefox now has in-built responsive design testing tool that should be useful for web designers. There are number of online tools to test responsive design, however if you use Firefox

Disable & stop auto Playback of Youtube videos

By default, Youtube video will start buffering and play as soon as you open any Youtube video webpage. Few users may like this automatic playback as it eliminates hassle of clicking the Play button. However, users with limited bandwidth internet connection - video autoplay can consume lot

Auto delete internet history in Firefox on exit

Clearing internet browsing history is very important to free up hard disk space and to keep your browsing details private from other users. Firefox users can easily setup automatic deletion of internet history files and private data. Firefox has handy feature that allows clearing of

Restore old image style on white background in Firefox

Newer version of Firefox added lot of new features like redesigned home tab and reset Firefox to quickly fix web browser issues. It has also added new style for display of images on dark background color window with center alignment. New Firefox browser show (top level domain) images with