Create Microsoft Office files online without software install

For majority of users, Microsoft Office software is the default way to create different type of Office files like: Word Documents, Excel WorkBook, PowerPoint Presentations and OneNote Notebooks. Microsoft also offer similar functionality of Office software in the form of online

Difference between Microsoft Office 2013 & Office 365

Microsoft has released Office productivity suite in two formats: Office 2013 and Office 365. While both provide access to usual Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and so on - they do differ on additional features, usage rights and most importantly price. For starters, Office 2013

Remove only secure content displayed bar in Internet Explorer

Are you annoyed with small bar appearing at bottom of webpages in Internet Explorer that reads "Only secure content is displayed" with "Show all content" button? This security bar is displayed when you are browsing webpages that serve content not considered secure according to strict

Switch back new Outlook email to old Hotmail ID

We have already seen procedure to upgrade Hotmail to new Outlook email account. New email account has completely new and different user interface design as compared to older Live Hotmail inbox. If you are fan of minimalistic metro user interface (as seen in upcoming Windows 8

Change @hotmail to get new email address

Microsoft has again changed name of its web based email service. Latest Microsoft's email offering come in the form of "Outlook" branding with look and feel of metro interface as seen in upcoming Windows 8 operating system. New look '' email service is definitely very impressive

Ways to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8

Many Windows 7 users will be looking for quick options to upgrade to new Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft is slowly revealing details on various upgrade options from Windows 7 to Windows 8 OS. Windows 7 users need not worry about technical specifications as they are fit candidate for

Share SkyDrive files using shortened links

Microsoft is continuously adding features to SkyDrive service to improve its use-ability. Custom URL shortening feature in the form of for sharing SkyDrive files is latest addition. Microsoft has collaborated with shortening service to provide custom shortening

Use different folder for SkyDrive sync on Windows

SkyDrive is a free online cloud storage service from Microsoft. Recently, it is was updated with release of new SkyDrive client software. SkyDrive provide 7GB free storage space for users to store files, photos, documents and lots more. Anyone can download the client software for free from

Only 3 editions of Windows 8 [ Win 8, Win 8 Pro & Windows RT ]

With Windows 8 release, there should be less confusion regarding choice of edition that fits best to your computing needs. Unlike Windows 7, new Windows 8 operating system will be released in only three versions (or editions): Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT (which is only for

How to change Library icons on Windows 8

Besides radical big features like metro tiles, ribbon bar in Windows Explorer and so on - there are number of welcome surprises in upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Ideally to change Library icons one had to use third party icon changing utility software as there is no default option to

Restore file, folder Delete confirmation box on Windows 8

By default a confirmation dialog box is displayed whenever we try to delete any file or folder. Unlike in Windows 7, newer Windows 8 do not display delete confirmation dialog box by default. So, if you delete specific file or folder - it goes directly into Recycle bin without prompting you

Bing search homepage with video background

Microsoft did lot of homework in launching Google Search competitor in the form of Bing Search. While Bing has not been in much news for it search results relevance, it did catch attention with daily Bing background wallpaper photos. Few users loved the concept of daily wallpapers and even