Change default Web Browser to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

PC users can install multiple web browsers on their computer and use them simultaneously. While there can be multiple browser installed on Windows PC but there can be only one default browser. Any website url opened from external programs like Word document will open in the default

How to update Firefox to latest version

Mozilla release new version of Firefox browser software regularly. As expected, new Firefox version promises more enhancement, performance and features addition. It is always recommended to update Firefox browser to newer and latest version. Firefox support automatic updates feature that

5 special web Browsers for Kids safe internet

Internet has both good and bad sides of online content access, sharing and interaction. With kids accessing internet, parents are worried lot on how to manage their child's internet access. Fortunately, there are number of ways to keep check and provide Kids safe internet environment.

Disable Facebook like button & widget boxes

Facebook provide lot of stuff for third party websites and blogs for seamless integration with Facebook platform and its users. While blogs and websites have been using Facebook like button extensively on each articles page, it has new companion in the form of Facebook Send button. There

Make Web Browser safe & secure

"... I am using latest version of web browser and still got malicious attack!" Besides updated web browser software, there are number of other related elements that can render a web browser insecure. You could be using either of web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox,

How to play WebM video files

WebM is an emerging free to all video technology platform for high quality videos on the internet. You can playback WebM video files directly in the web browser using new technology of HTML5. There is no need to install seperate plugins to watch WebM format videos. You can use modern web

Open blank empty page in New tab on Safari

Safari browser has glitzy start page complete with thumbnail images of top sites. While few users find this loaded default startpage very useful (which appears when a new tab is opened), others may find it annoying. You can easily take it off and set blank empty page to appear while

5 ways to fix slow Internet Explorer browser

Internet Explorer web browser is used by lot of users to surf the internet. "My Internet Explorer has slowed down, was working very quickly first time I used it". Ideally, over a period of time Internet Explorer may slow down. This may result is slower website opening and Internet Explorer

Check Geolocation feature of web browser online

Not sure if your web browser has active geolocation feature? HTML5's geolocation feature allows website to access your current physical location details (including location Latitude and Longitude parameters). You can easily check if your default browser support geolocation feature and turn

Online browser ballot to select web browser

Window users in EU get browser ballot screen to select either of web browser as their default browser to surf internet. Now other users can also access similar browser ballot screen online. Users can view various web browser options, read more about them and download web browser they want

Drag to open current browser tab in new window

Tabbed interface feature in modern browsers is very useful for multi website browsing with ease. You can tweak tabs using drag drop routine to open them in new window. For example: tab with can be dragged to browsing area, this will open new window with and close the

Backup & restore Firefox bookmarks / favorites

When you reinstall windows or Mozilla firefox browser, browser bookmarks are also deleted. You can easily backup bookmarks (favorite links) from Firefox browser as a small backup file. Once you are done with the reinstall of Windows and / or Firefox browser - import the bookmarks backup