5 best ways to get Free Dropbox storage space

Dropbox is very popular service for free online storage with premium features. You can upload and store documents, photos, files in your Dropbox storage. Everything added to Dropbox account can be accessed easily on computer, mobile phone and directly through Dropbox website. Overall a

How to publish PDF document online as flash flip ebook

Reading ebooks online without need of downloading content makes whole reading experience quick and easy. One can browse through collection of interesting books and start reading books online within web browser without need to install or download anything. For a publisher, converting and

How to highlight, quote & share parts of a webpage

We share lot of online content with friends and family on different platforms. We copy and share photos, videos, webpage links through email, instant messenger and social networking websites like Facebook, Google Plus. What to do when we need to share only specific part of a webpage?

How to find fake & spam Twitter followers

Spam is everywhere be it email, Facebook or even Twitter. You may have come across screaming hype of 20,000+ followers for a specific Twitter account and so on. Ever wondered, how many of these are real Twitter users actually interested in tweets you post? There are lot of spam or fake

How to cut & split PDF file into small parts

PDF file format provide a great way to share documents containing text and images. While we can easily share large PDF document files in offline environment using memory cards, USB pen drives - doing same in the online world is little difficult. Do you want to share a big PDF file with

Delete all tweets without deleting Twitter account user ID

Do you want to start fresh by deleting all tweets in your existing Twitter account? This sounds good but how do you plan to implement this? Manually deleting tweets one by one will take hours at stretch and not to mention the boredom it will kick start. Fortunately, there are smarter and

10 professional time tracking web apps & software

Are you not sure how you spent your day? You started working in the morning and suddenly realized that it was evening and a lot of tasks were still pending. So what you did all these hours? A time tracking software can help you calculate how you spent your day, what you did for how many

Make custom ringtones online with free web apps

It is always a great feeling to have your custom ringtone playing when your mobile phone is ringing. I bet most users hate default ringtones set by their phone manufacturer. There are quite many web applications where you can create ringtones online. But the problem is, not all of them are

What is my age & weight on other planets like Mars

If you are 20 years old on planet Earth, your age will be almost half (about 10 martian years) on planet Mars. Even your birthday date will come quicker on Mars than it comes on Earth. How is this possible and does this sound confusing? Well, if you live on other planet (except Earth) your

Make passport size photos online

Ideally one would go to a professional photographer to get photo clicked for passport purpose. If you have a digital camera and active internet connection - why not click passport photo for free? Each country has different specifications for the size of passport photograph, background

View ‘text only’ version of webpages

Almost every webpage on the internet has some kind of fancy formatting and scripts required to show advertisements. Is actual textual content getting lost in clutter of webpage formatting and advertisements? You can convert webpage content to 'text only' mode for easy reading of only text

Convert iWork to MS Office format online

MAC users have iWork application for Word processing needs just like Window users have Microsoft Office application. Due to different application software, files are created and saved in different formats. Are you looking for a quick way to convert an iWork file into Microsoft Office file