Find travel distance between two places on Google

What is the distance between Paris and New York? Google will provide you direct answer to this question instead of listing third party websites which you may click for possible answer. Distance Miles between specified cities will be displayed directly on your screen. This is possible

New Google logo with flat design & grid navigation button

Flat design is now rage for online products. Microsoft implemented successfully with Windows 8 operating system which was also called as Metro user interface. Now Google has given makeover to logo with all new flat design. Besides the logo, Google website now looks much cleaner without the

How to find similar synonym words using Google Search

While writing we need to play around with words. Synonym (same or similar) words come real handy while writing piece to covey same meaning but using more simple words. If you are an internet person, then there is no need to flip pages of your dictionary book - just head over to Google

Best Google Search fun tricks [easter eggs]

Majority of us head to Google Search for finding specific information on the internet. Here are few cool ways to add fun while searching for stuff on the internet. Over period of time, Google surprises with new trick (easter eggs) for that occasional fun while Googling around for the

Stop opening of Google Search weblinks in new window

Are you annoyed with Google Search weblinks opening in new tab (and/or window)? This happens when you have configured setting to open links in new window for Google Search website. Also, it is most likely to happen when you are using Google Search website while logged into your Gmail or

Use classic desktop like Google Search on iPad

We use Google Search on majority of devices like desktop, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Google Search allows you to discover required content quickly on any device of your choice. Google display customized Search website for tablet users like Apple iPad complimenting the screen

Disable & remove Google+ Plus posts in Google search results

Google has taken next step for integrating Google+ (Plus) content on main Google Search website. From now on, when you are logged into your Google account - you may see related social content including: pages shared with you by your friends, Google+ posts from people you know and content

Search exact keywords on Google with Verbatim tool

Google comes very handy in searching content on the internet. An average user does not know (and use) complex and advanced techniques to search for exact and more specific content on Google Search. Such methods include using + or " " quotes for more specific search results. With Verbatim

‘Do a barrel roll’ for animated Google search page

Want to have little fun while using Google Search. 'do a barrel roll' query in Google Search produces animated effect similar to barrel roll. This latest easter egg for Google Search is getting very popular for its simplicity and pleasing animated result. Try this effect just now by

Find Panoramic photos online on Google & Bing

Panoramic photos provide wide view of physical space being shot. Practically a panoramic image is a wide image shot covering lot of visual area as against normal rectangular or square photos. Lot of mobile phones and camera come with functionality of clicking panoramic view photos. You can

Convert bytes into kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes

Computer storage is measured in terms of bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes. We use different units of storage depending on actual size range of the storage medium. Sometimes, we need to convert data figure among different storage units format. For example: conversion of data in