Google + God = Google Search with a Bible Verse ?

"... Everyday, millions of web users perform about a billion searches using Google. We thought why not provide the same power of Google Search but at the same time, get people to read God’s word?" This is the foundation of online search 'GodlySearch' powered by Google search. Each – TinyUrl for Google Search Result URLs !

You can always share long URLs using TinyURL or any of the URL shortening and snipping services. is interesting mashup of Google Search result links and URL Shortening. It allows you to share Google search results

5 Smart ways to Search Multiple Search Engines

Search engines are very important for every netizen to search for required information. Generally we use Google OR Yahoo OR Live to search. How about replacing OR with AND by using multiple search engines at the same time? You get more results spread across different search engines in

Google Chrome Find place on Google India Homepage

How important is Google Chrome for Google? Well, this is evident from the fact - Google Chrome link is live on Google India's homepage (see pic). It reads "... New! Download Chrome (BETA)

Use Google as your PhoneBook Search

Google can dig out lot of stuff including public phone numbers. Google Phonebook can help you find US public business and residential telephone numbers. Open Google and type phonebook: keyword You can use any keyword depending

Play a Game to Help Google improve Image Search

Want to help Google improve on Google Image Search and have fun at the same time? Google Image Labeler is here for little fun for you and loads of new image labels for Google database. This whole activity is to improve the quality of Google's image search results, while you have fun

Google Suggest Feature to Debut on

Google Suggest Feature has been in making for a long time at Google Labs. With suggest feature - as you type in search box, you get related search terms for easy searching in a drop down box. For example, type technology in the search box and you will see related search terms like

Search WordPress Plugins, the Custom Easy way

Are you searching for a Wordpress plugin? Most likely, you will be using Google instead of search at! Search function on is from primitive ages and generally dish out crappy results. If you are also frustrated

Stay Updated with Olympics Schedule with Google

Olympics is around the corner and lot of web surfers are searching for Olympics related information on the internet. Well, Google is here to help you. To get latest information regarding various

Google Search in 2 Languages at one go with 2lingual

Google Search can be used to search in number of different languages. On the Google Search page click on 'preferences' and select the language for the search among number of options. However, this only allows you to perform Google Search in one language at any given time. How about

Tip: How to Search PDF Files using Google Search?

Google Search is used by most of us to dig out information we need. However searching PDF files using Google Search can be a time consuming process - First one has to click on weblink on the Google Search page. After you land up on external website via that click, you need to spend more