Responsive design check tool in new Firefox

Firefox browser has been updated with latest version 15 release. Besides usual performance enhancements, Firefox now has in-built responsive design testing tool that should be useful for web designers. There are number of online tools to test responsive design, however if you use Firefox

Add official Google+ plus profile button to your blog

Google+ will be center of activity with every other Google service being integrated to Google+ profile. Now your Google profiles are Google+ profiles and you can easily display reference to your Google+ profile on your blog or website. This can be done using official Google+ profile

Add LinkedIn share buttons to website

LinkedIn is a popular website to create profile of your professional expertise and accomplishments. You can network and connect with like minded professionals through linkedIn website. If you are a blogger or webmaster, then you can add new 'LinkedIn Share' buttons to your blog, website or

Auto publish latest blog posts on digg

Newer Digg allow bloggers and webmasters spread their content with greater ease. You can automatically import RSS feed and publish latest blog posts (articles) to your Digg profile using "auto submit content" feature. Just enter the RSS feed and verify its ownership to automatically send

Check DNS settings of domain online

DNS (Domain Name Server) settings of a domain is a very important parameter for successful running of a website. Wrong DNS settings can make website inaccessible. Also, DNS setting change take some to propagate throughout the internet (upto 48hours). You can easily check on DNS server

Compare loading speed of two websites

Do you want to compare loading speed of your website or blog with other website? There are number of online tools for measuring website loading speed and exhaustive analysis of factors causing slow loading speed. For example: online tool GTmetrix analyse website using Yahoo Yslow and

Test website in different screen resolutions online

Do you want to view and check webpage in different window size resolutions? Ideally, you would change system screen resolution to preview webpage formatting in new resolution size. You can easily do this online without having to change system resolution settings or installing any plugin

Use Google Font Directory for stylish fonts on website

Tired of using usual fonts like verdana, arial, times roman on your website or blog? You can have creative font blast using cool free fonts in Google Font Directory. It lists open source fonts that can be used on any website or blog by adding few lines of code. No need to download fonts to

Test website speed: Yslow + PageSpeed = GTmetrix

Google wants to speed up the web and as a result included 'website speed' is an important factor for searching engine ranking. Besides checking speed details in Google Webmaster Tools, you can also use Yahoo Yslow and Google page speed plugins for detailed analyses of website loading time

Edit webpage color, background, font in Chrome

Want to play around with design and look of your favorite webpage? You can easily do this in few simple clicks within Google Chrome browser using "Webpage Decorator" Chrome extension. It allows you to edit and customize webpage properties like modifying background color, attaching an image

Check text to code ratio of any webpage

Actual text and code of a webpage is an important parameter for evaluating webpages. Text to Code ratio measure can be used for webpage analysis for SEO (search engine optimization). You can easily view percentage of text to percentage of code of any webpage within Firefox browser using

Test your browser online for HTML5 support

HTML5 is new emerging web standard the promises lot of new things for web designers and developers. It introduces lot of new tags allowing easy and better rendering of basic / advanced visual effects to webpages. Being new, even modern browser do not fully support HTML5 standards. You can