Find specific phrase occurrence in Google Books

Google Books has online scanned digital collection of almost 10% books ever published. Do you want to find occurrence of specific phrase (words) in Google Books collection? You can easily do this using 'Google Books Ngram Viewer' online tool. Result is displayed in line graph format

View more results on Google Search pages

By default, Google Search display only 10 search results per page. Do you want to view more than 10 results on Google Search pages? You can easily do this by changing search settings of Google search. You can configure to view more than 10, 20, 30, 50 search results with upto 100 results

Find Twitter users to follow with similar interest

Are you looking to follow and interact with more Twitter users with similar interests? Browsing Twitter profiles manually to find relevant Twitter users worth following can be time consuming routine. You can automate this process and get relevant Twitter users suggestions by using "Follow

How to search web & internet on iPad

Apple iPad provide grand big screen viewing pleasure for surfing the internet. You can use Safari app on Pad to browse any website. To get specific results, you can use integrated Search feature in Safari browser on Apple Ipad. By default, Safari searches web using Google Search

How to Google Search by location, city, region

Do you want to refine Google Search results to specific place or region? New "Nearby" feature on Google Search allows to search internet by specific location, city, state or region. Using this feature you can get more relevant and useful results. For example: "Yoga Centers" results for

How to Google Search within Gmail inbox

Searching web for information and sending email to friends are major routines for any user on the internet. How about combining both for better productively and quick web working? Now you can Google Search for information within Gmail inbox without having to open new webpage or refresh

How to Google Search latest Twitter tweets

Twitter has lot of activity and following the same can be difficult at times. Google Search can prove real handy in tracking latest activity of any public Twitter account. You can Google search for latest real time tweets, missing tweets in your Twitter client or high ranking tweets of any

Search Twitter tweets in Chrome, the easy way!

If you browse web in Google Chrome and often bump into Twitter search, then checkout "Search Twitter" extension for Chrome. It helps in faster Twitter search without user having to open and manually search for a keyword. You can input search keyword from the Chrome menu bar and

Real time Google Search results

Don't be surprised if you see scrolling results on Google Search result pages. Small box with scrolling links are real time updates for keyword being search by you. These results are derived from various sources like Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites. Best part, these

Search & listen online music with Google

Google (or Googling) is a norm for searching anything on the internet. Google has now revamped its music search feature for more easy searching and listening of favorite music tracks. Google has launched new onebox for online music related search (should be available to US users

Compare Google & Google Caffeine search results

Google recently launched NEW Google search (also called Google Caffeine sandbox). It is believed to be improved version of existing Google search. Besides being faster, it produces different results for same keywords as compared to results from existing Google Search. Related - 3