How to download Google Chrome on iPad & iPhone

Safari is the default browser on Apple device like iPad and iPhone. If you do not like it,  you always switch from using Safari to Google Chrome for internet surfing on iPad, iPhone iOS devices. Google Chrome is available as free download in the Apple App Store. Any iOS user can download

Post & view Facebook photos faster on iPad & iPhone

Facebook acquired Instagram and everyone was expecting the result of this acquisition. Here it is, giving bump to Facebook photo sharing and viewing functionality on mobile devices with all new "Facebook Camera' app. This Instagram wannabe app is not replacement for Instagram, however it

Check iCloud storage & backup space on iPad

iCloud service on your iOS devices like iPad and iPhone automatically backs up files, applications and settings to your account's online cloud storage. By default, you have 5GB of free storage and backup space with your iCloud account access. You need to purchase additional space beyond

Mark emails as unread & important on iPad, iPhone [iOS 5]

Mark 'email as unread' feature has been present in web based email services, like mark as unread in Gmail, Yahoo and Live Hotmail. This is a useful feature to mark email messages which as unread or important for future reading. Now this feature is also included on iOS devices interface

Re-download already purchased iPad & iPhone apps in iTunes

If you factory reset iPad or iPhone, all apps downloaded by you over a period of time are deleted. Fortunately, there is not need to re-purchase apps that you have bought before. You can simple re-download those previously purchased apps in iTunes for free. You do not need to pay for apps

View ipad, iphone Apps purchase history details in iTunes

Apple iOS device users including iPad and iPhone can purchase different applications and games on their Apple devices. Every purchase require you to enter Apple ID login details for successful order and download of apps. Over a period of time you may have purchased number of Apps for your

Use iPhone camera from Lock screen & Volume button [iOS 5]

Apple iPhone is an amazing phone to stay in touch with friends and family. Besides voice calling, you can make facetime video calls courtesy of front facing camera. Also take beautiful pictures of special moments using back camera on iPhone. You can easily switch between front and back

Free apps to track physical location on iPhone & iPad

Tracking of physical location secretly by iOS devices like iPhone, iPad caused huge controversy. Apple released iOS software update for possible fix to this issue. Some users may have liked the idea of tracking and sharing physical location as they use their iOS devices including iPhone

Buy white Apple iPhone 4

For those waiting for white color Apple iPhone - well, the wait is over. Apple iPhone 4 in white color is now available for purchase. Black iPhone 4 has been available since last June and Apple was expected to bring white iPhone in July 2010. However, there was delay due to white color of

Translate text & voice language on iPhone & iPad

Do you want to perform quick language translation on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Download official Google Translate app for iOS devices from iTunes for your language translation needs. It allows you to translate words and phrases in more than 50 languages. You can simply speak phrases

Skype video calls on iPhone & iPad

Skype provide a simple and easy interface for audio and video calling. Previously, Skype was available for 3G calls on iPhone and basic calling on iPad device. With latest update to Skype app for iPhone and iPad: you can make free video calls using wi-fi connection (in addition to 3G