Official Facebook chat messenger software for Windows

Facebook has finally started working on standalone instant messenger (IM) software to allow users to chat with Facebook friends without using Facebook website. While we have already seen ways to Facebook chat without Facebook website in the form of apps like Facebook chit chat and Pidgin,

Backup & restore contacts in Skype

For starters: Skype contacts refer to ID of friends added in Skype. You use these contacts to make video / voice calls and text chats with friends in Skype. You may want to backup contacts listing of your Skype for safe keeping. In an event of system or service crash, you can always

Facebook chat on desktop: Chit Chat for Facebook

Since its launch in the summer of 2008, Facebook Chat has been growing steadily in popularity, quickly taking on the likes of AIM, Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger. Everything about Facebook has been built around transparency, and their instant messenger network is no different. Ditching

Make audio, video calls between MAC & Windows PC

Do you want to audio / video chat with friends on Windows PC from your MAC system? You can easily do this using latest Microsoft Messenger (beta) software. You can login into Microsoft Messenger and chat using Live ID, which is also used for MSN messenger, Hotmail and other Microsoft

Facebook chat without logging into facebook website

Are you tired of opening and logging into Facebook website just to chat with Facebook friends? Well, you can chat away with Facebook friends without using web browser or need to login into Facebook website using third party chat tools. You can launch these chat tools, login into Facebook

Download ICQ 7 skins for custom new look

ICQ has launched all new version 7.0 with cool new features. If you have downloaded ICQ 7.0 and now want to give new look to the application, then check out ICQ 7 skins. You can relish handy features of ICQ in new looking ICQ interface by installing any of the 9 available custom ICQ

Translate Skype chat with real time language translator

Skype is a well known platform to make text and voice calls. We have already seen changing of real time voice during Skype conversation. Now you can also translate language real time during a text chat on Skype. This is possible using free Skype Translator tool. You can change to and from

Download portable MSN instant messenger

PortableApps is one of the best website to offer portable version of popular software [For starters: portable software do not require installation, just unzip or extract them and start using program]. aMSN is a free open source MSN Messenger clone in portable format. With this you can chat

Merge MSN chat history logs by date & time

Like every IM application, MSN also save chatting history in the form of chat logs. MSN Merge is small tool to merge such chat history log files. It processes different XML files of chat logs and produces single merged chat history log file containing all the combine data. Features of MSN

Download Portable Skype chat & call software

Skype is a popular application for making video chats and phone calls to friends all over the world. PortableApps has now released Skype software packaged as a portable app for communicate on the go. Skype allows you connect by: instant message, audio conferencing and video phone. Portable

Online web based Windows Live Messenger

Yahoo and Google already offer web based version of their messenger service that do not require any download and install of messenger software. Now Windows Live users can also chat with their friends using official online Windows Live Messenger. This web based version does not require any

Download Trillian Astra multi instant messenger app

If you are tired and bored of Digsby or your current IM application - then checkout all new Trillian Astra multiple instant messenger app. It has cool glitzy look with loads of features to help you for better IM chatting experience. Using this IM app you can connect to IM accounts at AIM,