Halloween audibles on Yahoo Messenger, Spook out!

Chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger9 became more fun with introduction of Halloween audibles. Now you can send spooky messages to your friends. As shown in image above, there are number

Halloween Live Messenger Theme Pack, Download it !

After 'I am PC' Windows Live Messenger theme, here is Halloween Live Messenger theme. Get Spooky treat and trick for your Live Messenger. Sticking to Halloween spirit, this should add some spooky

Yahoo Messenger Emoticons to Surprise chat buddies

Emoticons play very important role to express your feelings without typing any word. There is emoticon for every emotion and feeling.   Dishing out new emoticons while chatting with buddies can pleasantly surprise them. Get over the usual emoticons and memorize shortcut for some fresh

Download ‘I am PC’ Messenger Theme, only with IE ?

Microsoft has been running 'I am PC' campaign for a while now. To give more prep and visibility, here is exclusive 'I am PC' Live Messenger Theme. You can download and use this theme for free

Download Skype 4.0 Beta 2, Compact View is back !

Skype 4.0 'Beta One' had many users in a tight spot as it hogged full screen by default. Skype has listened to user feedback and Skype 4.0 'Beta Two' brings back the compact view. With compact view making a comeback, you can

How to remove Ads from Yahoo & Live Messenger?

Are you tired of advertisements at the bottom of your Messenger window? Those flashy advertisement can really make chatting - crap! Well, you can easily say Goodbye to advert

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 is out – Download it Now !

Yahoo has launched official version of Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 (no more Beta!). Version 9.0 is available for download for Windows XP - Vista and promises lots of new features. Here goes: Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox, a new application

40 Must know IM Abbreviations for Quick Chatting

Want to put your IM chatting experience on steroids? Well, checkout 40 Must know IM Abbreviations to speed up your IM conversations with a dash of style and ease. Here goes: 01-10 | A TO F AKA: Also Known As

Add Super Animated Emoticons to your IM with Bandoo

Are you bored (maybe frustrated) of usual emoticons in your Yahoo or MSN messenger? If yes, then checkout Bandoo super collection of animated emoticons. Enrich your instant messaging experience

How to open Mutliple Yahoo Messenger instances?

Do you want to open multiple Yahoo Messenger with different logged in accounts? Well, this is possible and is very easy to implement. This involves modification of a registry file. Registry can be scary place for an average computer user. So, to make things more easy - just download

How to access favorite Messenger on Office computer?

Companies does not want their employees to get chatty on messengers and waste their productive office time. Typically you cannot install messenger applications on Office computer with IT guys playing boss. But hey, there are number of ways to stay connected with messenger friends on

5 Best All in One Web Based Instant Messengers

Do you like chatting via Instant Messenger? I am sure most of you will answer YES! Some of us use messenger for staying connected for fun, while others do it for serious business. Whatever the reason be, most of us are closely connected to friends via IMs. With so many IM services