How to publish PDF document online as flash flip ebook

Reading ebooks online without need of downloading content makes whole reading experience quick and easy. One can browse through collection of interesting books and start reading books online within web browser without need to install or download anything. For a publisher, converting and

Convert & save webpage into PDF in Firefox browser

PDF format always come handy is viewing and sharing content. Users with Firefox as default browser may want to save webpages in the form of PDF file. There are number of free Firefox plugins that adds functionality of HTML webpage conversion into PDF document format. Once you install

How to save webpage as PDF file in Google Chrome

Do you want to save specific webpage for safe keeping and reading in future? While there are many ways and formats you can save online content found on webpages, PDF is considered most efficient format as it allows you to preserve actual formatting of text, images and other content

PDF, ODF file formats support in new Office 2013

Want to know, which new and additional file formats are supported in Microsoft Office 2013 software suite? As expected, Microsoft Office 2013 software now supports more file formats with additional functionalities. It has added support for working with files in: Strict Open XML, Open

How to save ‘ready to print’ webpage as PDF file

Printing online webpages can be a confusing task for an average user. Here is the case, you have final webpage that should be printed but there is no printer connected to that computer. You need to save that final "ready for print" webpage as document file and then transfer it to computer

How to cut & split PDF file into small parts

PDF file format provide a great way to share documents containing text and images. While we can easily share large PDF document files in offline environment using memory cards, USB pen drives - doing same in the online world is little difficult. Do you want to share a big PDF file with

Sign PDF documents using finger on iPad & mobile

Signing PDF document with unique signature add seal of security and identity to your documents. New release of Adobe Reader X application makes routine of adding signature to a PDF file very simple - involving just few finger swipes. Using your finger you can add custom signature to a PDF

How to read PDF files on iPad

PDF is popular for ebooks and documents. Unfortunately, iPad does not support PDF format directly. You can read ebooks in epub format in ibooks app on the iPad device. Hence you need to convert PDF documents into epub format. Then load epub files in ibooks app on iPad for flip page style

How to create Adobe PDF files on iPad

Dealing with PDF files on iPad has always been issue. While we have already discussed on ways to open PDF files on iPad device, here is neat way of Adobe PDF file creation. Now you can easily create PDF files on iOS devices like iPad and iPhone using official Adobe Systems app 'Adobe

Download & save Google Docs in PDF format

Google Docs is very handy online suite for word processing. You can create, edit and print documents without need to install any software on the computer. For ease of sharing and printing, it is recommended to convert Google Docs into PDF format. You can upload any PDF file to Google Docs,

How to enable PDF viewer plugin in Chrome

Google Chrome has in built support for viewing PDF files through Chrome PDF viewer plugin. By default, this plugin is disabled as it may cause conflict with exisiting software installed on your PC for viewing PDF files. If you do not use any other software program for PDF files, then you

Rotate PDF files online

Have you received a PDF document with wrong direction orientation? To change and correct the direction of PDF file contents you need to install pro Adobe software for editing.  However, "Rotate PDF" website allows you to perform this routine online for free without need to install any