PDF, ODF file formats support in new Office 2013


Want to know, which new and additional file formats are supported in Microsoft Office 2013 software suite? As expected, Microsoft Office 2013 software now supports more file formats with additional functionalities. It has added support for working with files in: Strict Open XML, Open Document Format (ODF) and PDF formats. Microsoft Office 2013 support for additional standardized document formats provide more options for sharing, collaborating and archiving office documents.

New file formats support in Microsoft Office 2013

1. Strict Open XML – Microsoft Office 2010 had support for opening and editing strict open XML documents. Office 2013 has gone step further by adding full support for this format by including write functionality. This means, now you can save documents in Open XML format using Office 2013 program.

2. ODF 1.2 format – Support for ODF 1.1 format was introduced in Office 2007 and was carried forward in Office 2010 including: open, edit and save functionalities. New version ODF 1.2 is completely supported in new Office 2013 program with: open, edit and save options. However, write (or save) option for ODF 1.1 files has been depreciated in new Office 2013.

3. Full PDF support – Previously one could only save existing Word documents in PDF format with no option to open or edit PDF files native(ly). However, new Office 2013 adds full support for PDF file format allowing you to open, edit and save documents in PDF format. This is very important addition as it eliminates need to install Adobe Reader and Editor software for working with PDF file on Windows computer.

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File Formats: Compare Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013

Table below provide quick comparison of file formats support added (or removed) in successive versions of Microsoft Office.

Office 2003 Office 2007 Office 2010 New Office 2013
Binary format  (.doc, .xls, .ppt) Open, Edit, Save Open, Edit, Save Open, Edit, Save Open, Edit, Save
Transitional  Open XML Open, Edit, Save Open, Edit, Save Open, Edit, Save Open, Edit, Save
Strict Open XML Open, Edit Open, Edit, Save
ODF 1.1 Open, Edit, Save Open, Edit, Save Open, Edit
ODF 1.2 Open, Edit, Save
PDF Save Save Open, “Edit”, Save

Clearly, new Office 2013 support maximum formats with full functionality of open, edit and save options. [via Office Blog]



  1. Is it possible to save a word document that was created on a MAC using microsoft office 2013 in a format that is accessible to older versions of microsoft office 2003-2007-2010 on a PC (or mac)?
    I often send estimates to customers who have older versions and I feel bad when it is such a hassle for them to simply open it. (And I wouldn’t think of asking them to download (or buy) a program just so they can open/view my estimate attachment.

    Thanks in advance.

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