How to remove bubble Facebook Chat Box layout

Facebook has updated chat box with new layout. Now chat messages appear in bubble like layout just like they appear on smartphones. While new layout is eye catching and is cool for small screen devices like phones, desktop users may still want to use old simple Facebook Chat box layout.

10 reasons why people don’t use Real photos on Facebook

Just got a friend request from Facebook user with fake profile photo - isn't this too common these days? There are lot of Facebook profiles not using real pictures but using other photos of: celebrities, animals, cartoons, stock photos and more. Is that person shy or plans to do something

How to help Facebook friend posting Suicide content

Internet is laden with informative and knowledgeable content. However, online world does have a dark side resulting into negative thoughts and deadly results. Besides cyber-bullying menace on the internet, posting suicidal content resulting into death is also a very grave emerging problem.

Create shared Facebook Album where multiple users upload photos

Facebook has introduced "Shared Photo Albums" feature allowing multiple users to upload, view, share, comment and interact with photos in the specific photo album. Just like we have Facebook groups to interact and share about specific topic - this new feature should be real good for users

How to web search using Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search is slowly being rolled out to all English language Facebook users. Few users hate this new Facebook Graph Search feature and even managed to remove Facebook Graph Search from their Facebook account (temporarily though). New version of Graph search offer lot of

How to send photo Stickers in Facebook chat

Till now, we could only send emoticons in chat window on Facebook. Take things to the next level, introducing "Stickers" for Facebook chat. They are used just like emoticons but are better looking and more detailed illustrations of characters with personality. Stickers allows you to

Upload & add photos in Facebook comments

Now you can share photos directly in comments section on Facebook website. After adding option for direct upload and sharing of images in Facebook chat box - similar feature has been added to Facebook's Comments section. User can directly upload any photo stored on the computer and make it

Send & share photos in Facebook Chat Box

Facebook users upload and share lot of images in Photos section organized in form of Photo Albums. Do you want to instantly share a photo with specific Facebook friend? Then head over to Facebook chat and use new "share photos" feature on Facebook. This feature allows you to upload and

Get back Facebook account login through trusted friends

Have you lost access to your Facebook account? There could be number of reasons like: I have forgotten my Facebook account password, cannot login into email account associated with my Facebook account or worst my Facebook account is hacked and I cannot login. There are number of recovery

How to upgrade to new Facebook profile layout

Facebook profile pages has a new look. They have undergone a makeover with re-arrangement of important elements displayed on the Facebook profile page. New look is more 'in your face' with prominent display of your custom photo at the top. Profile page now display lot more information from

How to remove new Graph Search from Facebook

Graph Search is an experimental search functionality for Facebook users. It is only active for few Facebook users and had mixed response from users. It is more interactive and different from usual Facebook search. However, once Graph Search is activated for your Facebook account - lot of

Why Facebook profile is not visible to other users

Is your Facebook profile not visible to other users (and to you when logged out of Facebook account)? Instead of Facebook profile page, you see message: "This content is currently unavailable: The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link