How to find best Apps for Facebook on web & mobile

Majority of Facebook users install and interact with different apps on daily basis. Likes of Farmville, Bingo, Spotify, Hidden Chronicles, Mafia Wars are hugely popular among Facebook users. Till now, we use to get reference for specific app(s) from friend's update. Now there is better and

Schedule post on Facebook page for future & past dates

Facebook pages feature is used by number of Facebook users for promoting specific brand, celebrity, website, blog or online journal. Till now, you could only post real time updates on Facebook page. Now using new scheduling feature for Facebook pages, you can draft post updates and

Manage ‘Close Friends’ list & notifications on Facebook

Facebook has been constantly working on features for easy management and organization of updates from specific friends. It introduced smart lists to organize Facebook contacts automatically. With intention to inform and guide users to kick start the smart list feature usage, Facebook is

Post & view Facebook photos faster on iPad & iPhone

Facebook acquired Instagram and everyone was expecting the result of this acquisition. Here it is, giving bump to Facebook photo sharing and viewing functionality on mobile devices with all new "Facebook Camera' app. This Instagram wannabe app is not replacement for Instagram, however it

How to delete all messages on Facebook

Facebook has integrated system to send and receive messages from other Facebook friends. We have already seen easy way to filter Facebook messages among: unread, archived, email only and spam. By default, if you click X cross sign next to messages, it is not deleted - instead that messages

Hide & remove Trending Articles box in Facebook news feed

Facebook has added new element "Trending Articles" to the default news feed of your Facebook account. It is a small box containing news articles (and sponsored articles). Box is displayed in the top half of the news feed and you can slide through listing of various news articles within the

Share Organ Donor status on Facebook & save lives

Organ Donations efforts and Facebook status - this looks sort of mis-match. In-fact, this is a perfect match to reach people wanting to donate organs and people looking for organ transplant. All over the world millions of people are waiting for the heart, kidney or liver transplant that

Free Anti Virus software licenses from Facebook

Facebook is serious about online security and has launched "Facebook Anti-Virus Marketplace" to help users stay protected. At Facebook AV Marketplace you can download full version of best Anti Virus software for free (with working licenses). Since top rated Anti Virus software is being

How to move photos to different album on Facebook

We love to upload and share photos on Facebook, don't we? Majority of us want photos to be uploaded and displayed in an organized manner. Facebook allow users to change order of photos and albums in few simple clicks. At times, specific photos get uploaded to a different album. Are you

How to hide Friends list on Facebook timeline

Facebook timeline display your profile information in all new format. While many users do not like this format and want to disable Facebook timeline feature - Facebook is sticking to it and there is no likely-hood of reverting back to old format in future. Friends list is displayed

View Facebook photos in full screen resolution mode

Just like Facebook's affair with Timeline format feature, photo viewer changes had its share of positive and negative feedback. With introduction of lightbox style Facebook photo viewer, many users explored ways to disable Facebook photo viewer and use the old in-line photo display viewer.