Automatically Hide desktop icons when PC is idle or inactive

When Windows PC is left idle for some time, it locks by itself. Few users disable this feature and keep PC active all the time irrespective of inactivity or idle period. While you are away from PC, other users can easily see icons, folders and application programs on the desktop of your

How to Open God Mode on Windows 8, 7 & Vista

UPDATE 1. This method also works to enable God Mode on Windows 8 UPDATE 2. Do not try this on Windows Vista 64 bit [read comments below] Windows in God mode? On first instance this looks joke but it is true and NOT A JOKE. God mode makes you true Windows God allowing you to access all

View & delete Run box history on Windows

We can quickly open folders and execute applications manually using commands in the Run box on Windows. Everytime we enter any command into Run box, it is saved in Windows registry. Over a period of time, history of commands used in Run box is stored internally on your Windows computer.

Download Adobe Flash Player for 64 bit Windows 7

Users with 64 bit version of Operating system has been eagerly waiting for Adobe Flash Player 64 bit release. Well, wait is over as Adobe Flash Player 11 beta is available for download for 32 bit and 64 bit operating system users. Though Adobe Flash Player 11 is still in beta, one can

Download official Angry Birds theme for Windows 7

Angry Birds game has been a big phenomenon and is being love by lot of people. Recently, Angry Birds game on Chrome found permanent home where any internet user can play this engrossing game for free. Angry Birds goodies keep rolling with latest offering being official Angry Birds theme

Disable & remove Ctrl + Alt + Del options on Windows

Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together brings up screen with lot of options including: Lock this computer, Switch User, Log Off, Change Password and Start Task Manager. If you want to perform either of routine while working on Windows PC, just press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to get that

Bing maps aerial photos theme for Windows 7

Want to see aerial view of United States on your Windows 7 desktop screen? You can easily do this using Bing Maps aerial imagery theme for Windows 7 users. It is a photography based theme featuring best aerial photos courtesy of Bing Maps. Original theme download contain lot of visually

Increase free space on C drive without format: Windows 7

Are you running out of free space on C drive partition that has Windows installation files? Over a period of time, we install more programs and store files - due to which free space on default C drive decreases. One not so comfortable option is to format C drive and clean install Windows 7

Enable & install Telnet client in Windows 7

Is Microsoft Telenet Client missing on your Windows 7 computer? By default, Telenet client is not available on Windows 7 powered computers. There are number of free telnet software for use on Windows 7. However, if you are fan of traditional Microsoft Telenet client - you need to manually

Check MDAC version on Windows 7

MDAC stands for Microsoft Data Access Components. Few application install depend on MAC version status on your computer. You can easily check on the exact version of MDAC on your computer. Though not reliable method: you can use registry editor to extract MDAC version details. Microsoft

Create Power consumption report of Windows 7 PC

How much power my Windows 7 computer is consuming? Is power / energy consumption done in efficient manner? Are there noticeable errors related to power using functions on computer with Windows 7 OS? You can get possible answers to such questions through Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

Set computer Sleep time on Windows 7

Windows can put computer in sleep mode after certain period of inactivity. You can easily configure and set this time, as per requirement. Once you set specific time, say 30 minutes - computer will go to sleep mode if there is inactivity for 30 minutes. You can modify sleep time settings