Play online or download classic Mario game on computer

Mario has been all time favorite game for many people. We have seen this game in number of avatars. Jumping Mario to collect shiny coins and using balls fire power to toss out little creature. Add more fun is super animated and cool background music track. You can enjoy this cult 80s game

Best Google Search fun tricks [easter eggs]

Majority of us head to Google Search for finding specific information on the internet. Here are few cool ways to add fun while searching for stuff on the internet. Over period of time, Google surprises with new trick (easter eggs) for that occasional fun while Googling around for the

Add funny ‘via text’ to Facebook status message

We can use our creative mind to post funny status messages on Facebook profile for your friends to enjoy and laugh. We can take this step further by adding funny "via text" to your Facebook status messages. This requires little technical help for implementation of funny (and custom) via

Play Angry Birds game online [free on web]

Angry Birds have been keeping casual gamers busy on their smartphones. It has made debut in the web world as Google Chrome app and that also with Free price tag. Now you can enjoy over 63 levels of cool Angry Birds game within Google Chrome browser in high definition HD format. You can

What is my age & weight on other planets like Mars

If you are 20 years old on planet Earth, your age will be almost half (about 10 martian years) on planet Mars. Even your birthday date will come quicker on Mars than it comes on Earth. How is this possible and does this sound confusing? Well, if you live on other planet (except Earth) your

Download animated fun Easter [egg gif] photos

Want to add flavour of Easter on your blog or website. You can easily do this by using funny animated Easter egg theme animated gif photos. You can download such fun gifs from Microsoft Office website. Post them on your blog, use them to send fun emails to friends, share them on your

Add Halloween effects to photos online

Halloween is around the corner and you can easily get into Halloween spirit on the computer. Add scary Halloween effects to images of your friends, relatives online in few simple clicks. Make your photos look crazy this Halloween using Google's online image editor 'Picnik' Halloween

Flying Gmail envelope online shooting game

Google wants you to have fun while using their products and services. Classic Pacman game now has permanent online access at Google website. Now checkout an online game inspired from Gmail powered by HTML 5 technology. It is an online shooting game where Gmail envelope shoot at bad

Typewriter sound at key press on PC keyboard

Do you love the "tick tick" sound while using a typewriter? Get the old style typewriter sound while using new style computer keyboard using 'Qwertick'. It is a free portable utility that adds typewriter tick sound to your PC keyboard. So at every key press on the keyboard you will listen

Make Windows XP error message box online

Even in times of Windows 7 operating system, Windows XP has not lost its share of charm and users. Do you want to prank friends with fake witty Windows error messages? You can easily do this online in few simple clicks using Online Error Message generator tool. It allows you to create

Play MineSweeper game in Chrome

Just like PacMan game, MineSweeper has been classic and favorite game for many users. Do you want to play MineSweeper game while surfing internet in Google Chrome browser? You can easily do this using "Chrome MineSweeper" extension. It has bright and beautiful graphics complete with

Instant weight loss: slim your photo online

Interesting online tools just keep popping up from visualizing your future babies to checking your aged face from 20 years from now. Checkout WeightMirror, it is an instant weight loss visualizer. While in real life, weight loss routine can take weeks and months to even lose few kilos -