Instant weight loss: slim your photo online


Interesting online tools just keep popping up from visualizing your future babies to checking your aged face from 20 years¬†from now. Checkout WeightMirror, it is an instant weight loss visualizer. While in real life, weight loss routine can take weeks and months to even lose few kilos – this online tools help visualize “how YOU will look with less weight”.

Lose weight & slim your photo online

1. Open Weight Mirror website on your computer.

2. Click “Choose File” button to upload your full length photo.

3. Select the desired loss of weight by moving slider on the left.

4. After selection preview image will auto refresh displaying the original image and slimmed out version of uploaded image.

Besides some fun, you can visual yourself with less weight for added inspiration to get started with weight loss routine, what say?



  1. weight loss is sometimes difficult to attain, it all depends on your motivation and genetics “‘;

  2. weight loss should be easy to achieve if you combine proper diet with lots of exercise ::

  3. There are alternatives like where with just few clicks you can make yourself or someone in your pictures gain or lose weight.

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