Make short Google ‘’ URLs online


You may have come across short URL in (…) form. Such URLs are created using Google’s URL shortening service. Just like popular URL shorteners like tinyurl, – ‘’ takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to make an easier link to share, tweet or email to friends. Besides basic URL shortening, it promises greater uptime to keep shortened links alive (backed by Google infrastructure) and ability to track clicks on URLs.

Use ‘’ website to make short URLs

1. Open website in your web browser.

2. Paste or type the long URL and click shorten button.

3. It will generate shortened URL in (…) format.

If you are signed into using a Google Account, a unique short URL is generated each time a long URL is shortened. However, if you are not signed in to, the same short URL is reused each time a long URL is shortened, across multiple users.

Also, if you are using URL shortener by logging into Google account – you can easily track and view history of short created in your dashboard.

Use with Chrome & Firefox plugins

You can fasten up the process of making short URLs by using plugin / extensions for respective web browsers. Checkout shortener Chrome extension to generate short URLs in single click in Google Chrome browser. Firefox users can use lite plugin for quick creation of shortened URLs in Firefox browser.


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