Report spam google [] url is Google's URL shortening service. You can easily snip and shorten any long url in the form of format. It provides lot of features as compared other URL shortening services like tracking number of clicks, user click location through detailed analytics report. You can

Get QR mobile code of short URLs short URLs are created using official Google URL shortening service. Besides getting detailed click analysis of shortened URLs, you an also grab respective QR code. Google URL shortening service generate QR code for each short URL which can be used by mobile users for quicker

Track URL clicks analytics

Short URLs in form are created using official Google URL shortener. You can shorten any long URL and share it with friends using shortener. Also, you can analyse further the performace of the shared URL by tracking clicks analytics of specific shortened URL.

Make short Google ‘’ URLs online

You may have come across short URL in ( form. Such URLs are created using Google's URL shortening service. Just like popular URL shorteners like tinyurl, - '' takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to make an easier link to share, tweet or

Get post shortlink URL directly in WordPress

Wordpress new version 3.0 brings lot of new features. Ability to shorten URLs for every post in Wordpress blog has always existed. However, users had to manually create shortlink or tiny URLs of posts by looking at respective post ID. Newer version directly allows you to view and share

See actual URL behind short tiny URLs in Chrome

We often shortened original webpage URL into short format using URL shortening and snipping services (like tinyurl, Ideally, you cannot know the URL behind the shortened URL until you click through and open the weblink. Google Chrome users can preview any shortened URL by hovering

How to use to shorten Youtube Video links

After Facebook and Google launching respective URL shortnening services, Youtube has also jumped for the same. is the URL slug to be used for shortened Youtube video URLs. Just like Google's URL shortener is specially for Google services, Youtube's URL is specially

Use Google URL shortener in Chrome browser

Recently, Google launched a URL shortening service ( Unlike other URL shortening service, is exclusively for use with Google products and services. We have already seen its application in Feedburner for sending out automatic RSS feed tweets with shortened URLs. Now

How to see number of clicks statistics of bitly URLs is hugely popular URL shortening service among others like tinyurl. Besides the basic functionality of shortening URLs, it also provide feature for URL analysis. You can track number of clicks, locations, referrers, time of clicks for any bitly URL without having to register, login

See original URL for shortened or tinyURL with UnTiny

We tend to share lot of tiny or shortened URLs on the internet. Ideally, we cannot see actual URL behind the tinyURL and have to visit the URL to know it all. Untiny web service allows you to see actual URL behind tiny URL without actually opening the URL. Just enter the shortened or

Cache & save any webpage online with Backup URL

Backup URL is an interesting web service to backup and save any URL or webpage online. BackupURL save and store specific webpages on its servers and allows you to access those pages anytime. It also generates shortened URL for each webpage for easy access without having to remember long

Expand & preview shortened Tiny URLs with LongURL

There are loads of URLs shortening and snipping services that makes life easy while sharing interesting web links with long URLs. In few clicks one can convert long URL into small URL