How to use to shorten Youtube Video links


youtube-url-shortenerAfter Facebook and Google launching respective URL shortnening services, Youtube has also jumped for the same. is the URL slug to be used for shortened Youtube video URLs. Just like Google’s URL shortener is specially for Google services, Youtube’s URL is specially for sharing Youtube video links on social media. Procedure to generate such shortened links isn’t easy.

Make shortened Youtube links with

You need to grab Youtube video ID from original video URL and add it after slug. For example:

– Actual Youtube URL

– Shortened Youtube URL

Little messy, still useful enough for web sharing of Youtube video links in smaller URL format – interested?



  1. And you save a whopping 8 characters ( watch?v= ), OMFG! :O
    Since you don’t need the www. for youtube either.

  2. you forgot to put a http:// before

    if you dont, twitter won’t recognize the shortened link as a link

  3. “Procedure to generate such shortened links isn’t easy.”

    Yea, you have to do a WHOLE cut AND paste action. OMG what will I do?

  4. It is easier than I expected, I was thinking there there would be any tool for doing URL shortening. Thanks for the guide.

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