Star important Gmail Contacts to organize better

For an active Gmail user, sheer number of Contacts can be overwhelming. While there is grouping of Contacts feature for proper organization of contacts - not many use it (why? - it require more clicks!). Now you can use 'star' feature for one click organization of important Gmail Contacts

Stop Google Plus users from sending emails on Gmail

Google has introduced a new feature that allows any Google Plus user (even unknown strangers) to email you on your connected Gmail account. While this is a next step for integration of Google Plus with other Google services like Gmail but it can be a major privacy hazard. By default this

How to delete name on Gmail Sign-in page from previous login

Google has introduced new unified login page for all Google services. Irrespective of which Google service you login like Gmail, Youtube - it will redirect you to new one account Google login page. How is my Login name, profile photo & email ID is visible on Gmail Sign-In page even

New Gmail Login page, same for all Google services

Google has decided on universal "One Account" login page for all Google services. Hence, whenever you try to login into either of Google service, you will be redirected to universal login page located at url. No more custom login pages for each Google services

5 Gmail security settings to check for account safety

All of us want to keep email conversations private and hence security of an email account is very important. Gmail users can easily ensure safety and security of their email account by following few basic steps. Following is listing of Gmail settings and features that should be checked to

Allow other users to manage Gmail email on my behalf

Are you too busy to manage Gmail email account on daily basis? Need a virtual assistant that can read, delete and send emails on your behalf  from within existing Gmail account? Using Delegation feature in Gmail, you can assign any specific person or multiple users to manage Gmail account

How to use Compose box in full screen mode in Gmail

Gmail has been experimenting with the compose box feature. Recently, Gmail added small floating email compose box for writing new email messages quickly. Gmail is activating this new Compose Box for users in a phased manner, though there is manual option to enable compose box in Gmail

Ever been to Gmail.Net, its not email service from Google

Gmail does not need any introduction. For starters, it is name of email service provided by Google. We generally use to access this web based email service. Ever been to ? Ideally, one would think will point to and you can access your Gmail email

Remove tabs to get back old classic Gmail inbox look

Gmail has added new features like priority inbox and new tabs functionality. Enabling these features add new sections in default Gmail inbox layout. While such features are very useful for heavy and more regular Gmail users - occasional users may find them intrusive. Fortunately, Gmail

How to enable new look Gmail inbox

Gmail inbox just went through brand new makeover for better management of different type of emails. New Gmail inbox allows you to organize and access email messages quicker using tabbed format. While this concept is not new, we have already seen tabbed organization with Priority Inbox

Change country code for phone numbers in Gmail Contacts

A visit to Gmail's Contact section will show a surprise pop-up message, "Your default country for phone numbers in contacts is: Accept or Change default country". Gmail added a new option to change and set specific default country code for phone numbers in the Gmail Contacts. Once you

How to use 1000 new Gmail smiley emoticons

Google keep adding new features and goodies to their Gmail email service. After introduction of colorful emoticons (which happened long time back in 2008), Gmail has added over 1000 brand new smiley emoticons. Now there is animated smiley to showcase almost any emotion and