Download best Google+ Plus themes & skins

Google+ Plus social network service (at is getting all the praise for its functionality as well as very neat user interface. If you are one of many people who love the look of Google+ Plus website, then here are few ways to relish that look even when not using Google+

Bing maps aerial photos theme for Windows 7

Want to see aerial view of United States on your Windows 7 desktop screen? You can easily do this using Bing Maps aerial imagery theme for Windows 7 users. It is a photography based theme featuring best aerial photos courtesy of Bing Maps. Original theme download contain lot of visually

Backup themes on Windows 7 PC

Themes provide great way to customize and freshen up look of Windows 7 user interface. There are number of Windows 7 themes with different design and style like Winter themes, holiday themes. You can easily copy and backup themes data of your current Windows 7 PC. Further, themes backup

Change theme of Yahoo Mail inbox

Gmail has cool themes to customize look of your email inbox. Now you can do same in Yahoo Mail inbox. New feature addition allows you to change theme look of your Yahoo Mail account. You can dress up Yahoo Mail interface with any predefined theme featuring your favorite colors and

Download Winter themes for Windows 7

We have already seen listing of Holiday themes for Windows 7. If you are done with holidaying, here are Winter themes for Windows 7 to enjoy snow, Santa and Christmas. Themes feature cool looking wallpaper backgrounds showcasing best of winter season view along with appropriate effects and

Download Holiday themes for Windows 7

Do you want to dress up your Windows 7 desktop for upcoming Holiday season? Microsoft's official Windows 7 theme gallery has lot of beautiful themes for the holiday season fill. All themes come with scenic wallpaper background options and installs in few mouse clicks. Here is listing of

Change background theme color on Windows phone

You can customize look of your Windows phone with favorite color theme. Select either of dark or light background theme as per your liking. You can also select favorite accent colour out of 10 different colors like magenta, purple, teal, lime, brown, pink, orange, blue, red, green. After

Fifa World Cup 2010 Windows 7 theme

Bring the magic and excitement of Fifa World Cup South Africa 2010 to your Windows 7 desktop with EA Sports World Cup theme. Theme features stunning visual graphics from the Electronic Arts 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa game. From grand stadium view to players in football action, its

Change Windows Live Hotmail themes look

Are you bored of usual blue look of your Windows Live Hotmail inbox? You can give a healthy color splash to Live Hotmail interface by changing look using in-build themes. There number of theme options that change the header graphic photo along will title text color throughout the Hotmail

Download Valentine Day theme for Windows 7

The official day of love "Valentine Day" is around the corner. Microsoft has released all new Valentine Day theme for Windows 7 operating system users. As expected, theme is heavy on red color with lot of heart shape graphics. Perfect way to deck up your PC with Valentine

Download Avatar movie Windows 7 theme

Windows 7 operating system glitz is enhanced by loads of cool wallpapers and themes. Now you can enjoy look and feel of biggest movie of year 2009 "Avatar" on Windows 7 operating system. Microsoft has released exclusive 'Avatar movie' theme for Windows 7 users. Theme feature cool

Branded Windows 7 themes: Coke, Pepsi, Porsche, Zune

Windows 7 buzz is all around with its official launch. Microsoft has started rolling out goodies to make best of Windows 7 launch. We have already seen Ferari car theme, now here are official 'branded' Windows 7 theme. Whether you like Coke or Pepsi - there is a Windows 7 theme for