Branded Windows 7 themes: Coke, Pepsi, Porsche, Zune


Windows 7 buzz is all around with its official launch. Microsoft has started rolling out goodies to make best of Windows 7 launch. We have already seen Ferari car theme, now here are official ‘branded’ Windows 7 theme. Whether you like Coke or Pepsi – there is a Windows 7 theme for everyone.


Top brands get their own official Windows 7 themes including: Bing, Coca Cola, Ducati, Ferrari, Gears of War, Infiniti, Lugares Coloridos, Pepsi, Porsche and Zue. Each theme has visual interface resembling the brand in focus with exclusive background images. So after you buy & install Windows 7, get either of branded theme for spiced up look or wait for music themes from EMI.



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    Just wrote a post with a whole lot of free themes for Windows 7. Read it here:

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