Buy Windows 7 ‘Guide’: features, price & more


Windows 7, the latest operating system offering from Microsoft should be available for purchase (download & install) in few hours as we reach the official Windows 7 Launch date. Existing Windows XP and Vista users can either upgrade to Window 7 or buy full retail Window 7 OS media discs. If you are planning to change your laptop / desktop – purchase a new machine with preloaded Windows 7 (will be a bargain with all the new hardware). Here few things to note, before you jump for actual Windows 7 purchase.


1. Can I install Windows 7 on existing PC?

Just download and install Windows 7 upgrade advisor tool from Microsoft on your existing Windows XP and Vista computer. It will tell you, if your computer hardware is all ready for Windows 7 operating system. Alternatively, check basic Windows 7 system requirements for quick manual check.

2. Which Windows 7 edition is best for me?

Just like Windows Vista, Windows 7 operating system is available in different editions with differentiating set of features in each edition. Check Windows 7 version / edition details and compare available features with your requirement. Simple buying tip – if you are using Windows Vista Ultimate then go for Windows 7 Ultimate. Also, if you can stretch budget upgrade from Vista Professional to Windows 7 Profession. Windows 7 Ultimate comes will all the possible features.

3. Will I lose data while moving to Window7 OS?

If you are upgrading to Windows 7 (which is only possible in Vista and not in XP) using upgrade media, then there should be no lose of data. However, if you are installing fresh copy of Windows 7, you must backup existing data as it will lost during fresh Windows 7 install.

4. How much Windows 7 OS cost me?

Microsoft has already announced Windows 7 OS retail prices: Windows 7 Home Premium (Full): $199.99, Windows 7 Professional (Full): $299.99, Windows 7 Ultimate (Full): $319.99. More price details If you have multiple PCs at home, then go for Windows 7 Family pack (just $150 for 3 PCs)!

5. Is Windows 7 is good enough for buy & upgrade?

Windows 7 is best operating system from Microsoft in terms of functionality and looks. Checkout official videos showcasing different features. It for sure free users of pain left by Windows Vista outing. Also download official Whats new in Windows 7 feature guide or check visual comparison of 7, Vista and XP.

Get your Windows 7 beauty, only few hours left! If you still dont want to upgrade to Windows 7 and stick to Windows XP for sometime, then relish fab 5 features of Windows 7 on XP computer.



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