Compare features of Windows 7, XP and Vista


Microsoft has released feature comparison chart of different Windows operating system including: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, and Windows 7. It is a PDF file that has exhaustive comparative listing of different features of each operating system.


Comparison is done under categories like: File organization & search, remote access, security & compliance, management and deployment. Download comparison PDF chart for finer details of feature comparison of Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, and Windows 7.



  1. Scott Baker says

    For once I thought Bill Gates got it right but then he had to tinker with media player 11 “LEAVE IT ALONE IT WORKS BETTER THEN YOUR NEW MEDIA 12” ive triEd everyway I can to get codecs for FLAC files but as usual Bill thInks we need bigger and better “NO IT DOESN’T” ever heard the phrase if it isnt broken dont try and fix it and to top it all off I cant delete windows media 12 says I need owners permission “I AM THE OWNER” WHICH MEANS IF i TRY AND INSTALL MEDIA 11 the operating system wont let me downgrade stupid just stupid. p.s if anyones found a way around the FLAC file codecs please respond to this well done bill you’ve managed to screw something up that should have been full proof and if you had left media 11 all would be well.

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