Download Microsoft Office 2010 new Icons pack


Besides upcoming Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft is all ready to launch next version of Microsoft Office suite. We have already seen preview of new features of Office 2010. Beta version of Office 2010 is already available on unofficial channels. Besides new features, Office 2010 also has cool looking glitzy icons for different application in the suite.


While official Office 2010 will take some time, you can for sure grab these cool looking icons for free. Whole set contains 60 icons in PNG and ICO format. Icons are from various applications of Office 2010 including: Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, Visio etc. Download Office 2010 icons [via Redmond Pie]



  1. Great Icons, but can they be used commercially on a website?


  2. Don’t click on the BIG download button use the texk link at the end of the description “Download Office 2010 icons” The BIG download buttons seems to download an exe which when run installs a toolbar (well I stopped the install so not 100% sure)

    On the new page that loads look for the download file link on the right.

    Download the file (it a rar file a bit like a zip file) and open it using something like 7zip which is a free open source tool like winzip – but FREE

    Extract the folder and you will have all the ICO and PNG files. They are worth the effort…


  3. can someone help out and put step by step instructions on how to install this pack?!

  4. Hei

    How do you install this icon pack?

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