Automatically Hide desktop icons when PC is idle or inactive

When Windows PC is left idle for some time, it locks by itself. Few users disable this feature and keep PC active all the time irrespective of inactivity or idle period. While you are away from PC, other users can easily see icons, folders and application programs on the desktop of your

How to hide or show Desktop icons on Windows PC

Desktop icons provide quick access to files, folders and application programs on Windows PC. While icons on desktop are useful, too many icons can make desktop look cluttered and un-organized. Few users like clean and organized desktop look with full view of a desktop wallpaper. One can

How to change Library icons on Windows 8

Besides radical big features like metro tiles, ribbon bar in Windows Explorer and so on - there are number of welcome surprises in upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Ideally to change Library icons one had to use third party icon changing utility software as there is no default option to

Change ‘My Computer’ desktop icon on windows 7

Don't like 'My Computer' icon on Windows 7 desktop? You can easily customize to change 'My Computer' icon with any icon of your choice. You can use 'change desktop icon' feature in personalization settings for making changes to icon for 'My Computer' on the desktop screen of Windows 7

Add badges icons to Orkut profile

There is a new way to spice up your Orkut profile page using colorful Orkut badges (icons). There are different sets of badges for users that engage with orkut in different ways. For example, you can get Early user badge if you are using Orkut for long time or get promoter badge if you

Change Gmail attachment icons in Chrome

If you receive lot of email messages with attachments in Gmail, then changing attachment icon based on attachment file type can be very useful time saver. "Gmail Attachment Icons" Chrome extension allow you to replace the default paper clip icon by icons with kind of attachment an email

Rename desktop icons on Windows 7, Vista, XP

Bored of usual names assigned to different icons on Windows desktop screen? You can easily spice up icon names / labels by renaming them to any desired name on Windows 7, Vista or XP computer. With renaming you can customize icon text as per requirement that allow easier and faster access

Change size of desktop icons

Are icons on Windows desktop too big or small? There are number of ways to customize size of icons on Windows desktop. You can resize desktop icons and make them bigger or smaller. Checkout following easy to use procedures to change icon size quickly on your Windows

Customize Windows 7 taskbar buttons look

In Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft has introduced a lot of new features . Taskbar in Windows 7 has undergone extreme makeover and look different from previous Windows releases. Now, taskbar looks more like taskbar on Mac OSX system. While few users like the new look others still

Change icons of files in VLC player

Are you bored of file icons in VLC player? Give VLC experience a little makeover with portable tool 'VLC Icon Changer'. As the name suggests, it allows you to change icons of files associated with VLC player installed on the computer. Using this tool, you can set different and unique icon

Customize USB drive icon & background image

USB pen drive are very common and easy way to transfer data. USB Personalizer is a free portable tool to customize looks of USB pen drive. You can add new icon to USB drive and change background image of folders. It has easy to use interface to select any icon or background image for

Create Favicon in Photoshop [save as ICO]

For starters, Favicon is a small icon displayed next to website URL address in the browser. It gives unique character to a website or blog. Adobe Photoshop is best image editing software. How about creating cool Favicons in Photoshop program? Following tutorial should help achieve same in