Add badges icons to Orkut profile


There is a new way to spice up your Orkut profile page using colorful Orkut badges (icons). There are different sets of badges for users that engage with orkut in different ways. For example, you can get Early user badge if you are using Orkut for long time or get promoter badge if you have created a popular promotion. You can customize Orkut profile to display badge icons of your choice.

Add & display badge icons on Orkut profile

1. After you login into Orkut account, click Profile button at the top.

2. Click ‘Add Badges’ link on Orkut profile page.

3. Then you can drop badge icons to display on your profile page. If you do not see this feature, check back after few days as it being rolled out to all Orkut user.

Different type of Orkut badges

Based on your Orkut activity and interaction level you can get badge icon for your Orkut profile. Different type of badge icons include: early users, graduate, promoter, super user, trend setter, strong contributor, master, millionaire community and so on. [via Orkut blog]



  1. plz help me to get silver verify account badges

  2. plz help me to get silver verify account badges…

    • sreejith says

      hi i will help u 2 get a silver badge to get that follow
      1. sign in 2 ur address settings on the top right part
      3. click the recovery account
      4. enter the email address which is very close 2 u
      with in 24 hours u will get a silver badge

  3. still i am not get silver verify account badges..plz help me to get this badges

  4. I am using orkut from last 4 or 5 years but i had only silver badge. I want to change it. How can i ?

  5. help me hw can i add badge on mye profile

  6. are bhai plzzzzz help me for adding badge

  7. plz help me to get these type of badge icons in mahi profile……….!!! correctly…….. whr this display things will found……..

  8. good

  9. manu mullanarambath says

    please help me to get these type of badge icons

    • its not u who decide whether these badges are for u or not, its orkut itself who decide it for u on the basis of ur orkut use

  10. vidhya vijayan says

    what a f*ckin system by orkut. i just s*ck it

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