Photo Slideshow of Orkut images


If you find viewing photos on Orkut boring and clumsy, then new photo slideshow feature bump should please you. Orkut has added 2 new features for viewing photos. First, you can view photos in-line without having to refresh webpage or open new webpage for next image.


Easy to use comment box follow you for adding comment on the current image at the bottom. If you want more distraction-free image viewing, then switch to slideshow mode. Click the slideshow icon at bottom right and then click on image to see next image or click thumbnails for selective image viewing.


Besides making image viewing process more comfortable, now you can view more images in less time without having to switch to new webpage. This feature only works in Firefox and Google Chrome browser ( does not work in Internet Explorer). If you are an Orkut addict, then install Firefox or Chrome for this cool photo slideshow Orkut feature. [via OrkutBlog]



  1. i want 2 his images

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