Read RSS feed as photo slideshow on iGoogle homepage

iGoogle is a start page feature from Google. You can customize and add content as per your liking: from changing the look of iGoogle homepage to useful functionality like sending files via iGoogle chat. It has option to browse RSS feed content of any website or blog. Now you can browse

Photo Slideshow of Orkut images

If you find viewing photos on Orkut boring and clumsy, then new photo slideshow feature bump should please you. Orkut has added 2 new features for viewing photos. First, you can view photos in-line without having to refresh webpage or open new webpage for next image. Easy to use

Create Flash Slideshow from photos & music

Are you looking for free software to create quick Flash slideshows? Free Flash creator tool allows you to make flash slideshow from user selected photos and music files. You can save final slideshows in the SWF format for viewing on the computer. Also, burn auto-start flash slideshow on CD

Create GIF image from multiple photos online

Do you want to quickly create a simple animated GIF image without installing any software? CreateAgif is an online tool that allows quick creation of GIF image from multiple photos. Being an online tool, it does not require any software download / install or any need to login /

Make video from images with free slideshow creator software

Digital Clip Factory is a free software to make basic video slideshow from images on the computer. You can load multiple images into this application and create a cool videos with different transition time and zoom effects. You can also add any mp3 or wav song stored on your computer as

Select & format multiple shape objects in Google Docs

Playing around with multiple shape objects just became more easy in Google Docs. Now you can select and format multiple objects at the same time. Hold the shift key and click on objects or drag all over objects that you want to select. After selecting multiple objects you can edit any

Upload mp3 files & audio to Slideshare presentations

Slideshare has bumped up real good feature of allowing users to upload their own mp3 files and audio to their SlideShare presentation. Previously, one could link audio or mp3 file hosted on 3rd party external website and add it to presentations created on Slideshare. Now you can

Embed & show Google News Slideshow on website

NewsShow Wizard by Google is very easy to use web service to add latest news to your blog or website. It allows you to generate Google News slideshow and display it on your blog or website. There are few customization options enough for majority of probable users. To get started, select

View Flickr photos Damn Simple way, I hardly Knew her

If your Flickr URL is, make it to view Flickr photos in damn simple way. The resultant interface is pure minimalist with complete focus on your photos and it loads pretty quickly. Captions and titles are omitted and metadata is hidden

Embed Youtube Videos in Slideshare presentations

Long time we checked out how to embed Youtube videos in Powepoint presentation? In current web2.0 ways, creating and sharing presentation online is more easy (powerpoint is sort of passe'). Slideshare is one of the leading web service to make and share presentations with ease. They just

Panda Spitting Flickr Photos, Cool Slideshow

Flickr got interesting new addition - a panda spitting different flickr photos. It shows random photos which you can click through for respective pic page. Slideshow is smooth with constant flow of Flickr

New Flickr Slideshow: Embed, view Fullscreen & more

Flickr has finally woken up with the launch of its new and improved Flickr Slideshow. Number of 3rd party Flickr slideshow web services have popped up here and there due to lack of official slideshow support and features. Well, things may change for good now. Check the official Flickr