Copy webpage text on smartphone using QR code

How do we copy text displayed on webpage opened on computer to a smart phone? Generally we don't copy text and instead manually type the text displayed on computer screen using on-screen keyboard on the smart phone. We can easily get rid of this manual typing routine and copy text directly

Convert copied text to uppercase & lowercase with shortcut key

Do you want to quickly convert copied text into uppercase (or lowercase) without manual editing? Ideally, copied text remain in the same state, unless you modify it after pasting it in a notepad or word processor. We have already seen tool to strip text formatting from copied text by quick

View ‘text only’ version of webpages

Almost every webpage on the internet has some kind of fancy formatting and scripts required to show advertisements. Is actual textual content getting lost in clutter of webpage formatting and advertisements? You can convert webpage content to 'text only' mode for easy reading of only text

Generate UUID online [UUID generator tool]

UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier. A UUID is a 16-byte (128-bit) number: 32 characters (excluding hyphens) occupy only 16 bytes because each hexadecimal character needs only 4 bits (half a byte, or a nibble) to specify it. UUID is used as identifier standard used in software

Type quickly with word & phrase sugggestions

Do you want to type quickly with variety of words and phrases? Google Scribe is a text completion service that helps you type quickly. It provide suggestions for correct or popular phrases as you type. Word or phrase completion suggestions are provided on the basis of text already typed in

Write notes with photos on Facebook

You can do lot more on Facebook besides sending messages and posting photos. You can ask questions to Facebook friends and even write detailed notes for them using Notes application. Note can be written to describe any personal experience, story or incident. It can be neatly formatted with

Shortcut to copy text without formatting in Chrome

Do you want to copy some text without text formatting with quick keyboard shortcut key? You can easily do this in Google Chrome browser using 'Copy without formatting' extension. It allows you to copy text from any website without text formatting for font type, size, color and so on. While

Send stylish & colorful text email in Yahoo Mail

Bored of usual looking text style and color while sending emails to friends? Now you can spice up text with radical looking stylish text and colors in Yahoo Mail using "My Cool Fonts" app. This app feature allow you to style email text with different looking font styles and color. Best

Convert & save text on images, PDFs as Google Docs

Now you can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature online at Google Docs. Upload any image or PDF file to extract text from them using OCR option on Google Docs. It allows you to convert and save text on images and PDF files as Google Documents for quick text only content

View only webpage text with Reader in Safari

Newer Safari browser has lot of interesting features including "Reader" feature. Also called as Safari Reader, this in-built feature allows to you surf text only version of webpages. It removes CSS formatting, images, advertisements and display webpage text just like a Word document.

Automatically create multiple folders from text file

Do you want to quickly create multiple folders with specific names? Besides using quick shortcut key to create folders on Windows, you can automate this routine using free portable utility "Text 2 Folders". It allows you to batch create folders with names mentioned in specific text file at

Add fancy text effects in Word 2010 documents

Besides adding stylish font typography effects, Microsoft Word 2010 also support fancy text effects. It is an improved, easier and better looking version of Word Art (as seen in previous MS Office). Now you can apply amazing text effects to actual document text and still edit, spell check