Turn Caps lock ON & type uppercase text on iPad

On-screen keyboard on iPad can little confusing for first time users of Apple Ipad device. We have already seen easy way to hide the on-screen keyboard on iPad screen. Just like standard keyboard, you can use the on-screen keyboard to turn the Caps lock ON for typing text in uppercase

How to cut, copy & paste text on iPad

Besides using Apple iPad for photos and videos, it is a great companion for text based content in the form of ebooks and newspapers. While browsing textual content, you may want to copy and save selective text. This can be easily done using cut, copy and paste routine on iPad through touch

Auto complete text macros in Google Chrome

Do you type lot of text content on computer? If yes, then you must be repeating lot of words and one liners during typing routine. You can make things quicker by using customized auto complete macros within Google Chrome browser. This is possible using PopChrom extension wich allows you to

How to flip Text upside down, reverse & invert

Are you bored of usual looking text? Add some fancy attribute to plain text by changing its direction. You can flip text upside down or write it in reverse. This can be easily done using free online tools or offline download-able programs. Checkout following listing to flip and reverse for

Generate ASCII art from plain text & characters

Do you want to generate stylish and cool looking ASCII art visual? AS-ASCII Text is a cool portable tool to convert any plain text into ASCII art creation. You can use any special characters on the keyboard to generate ASCII art visual representing a word. Convert plain Text into ASCII

How to Hide text in images: Steganography software

Do you want to pass on secret text message without being scanned by mail sniffer or network administrator? One clever way to share textual information is by encrypting text in any photograph image (also called Steganography). You can add encrypted text within a photo. Receiver will see

Listen to PDF file text with Adobe Reader

Are you tired of continuous reading an e-book or a document file? Why not sit back, relax and hear to the pdf file text instead of reading! You can easily do this within Adobe Reader program. It has integrated text to speech conversion feature that makes text audible without any ned to

Calculate Word frequency [number of repeating words]

Do you want to calculate "number of times" same word appear in a text document? Word Frequency Counter is a cool tool to calculate word frequency from given text quickly. On the click of a button, it shows frequency listing of each word and number of times it has been repeated in the

Create HTML webpage from text file

Do you want to create quick HTML webpage containing only text content? Free utility txt2html can help make HTML page in few simple clicks without any need of even basic HTML knowledge. It can generate simple HTML webpage from any txt document that you can upload and share anywhere on the

How to Copy text without formatting in Firefox

We often copy text from webpage and save them for future reading in the form of word documents. By default, text formatting like font size, style, color also accompanies copied text in the final document. There are utilities that strip text formatting from clipboard text on Windows and MAC

Remove clipboard Text formatting on Mac

We have seen number of free programs like Plain Text, Strip Mail to remove text formatting from clipboard text on Windows OS. Are you looking for similar free utility for MAC OSX system? Plain Clip is simple and free utility to remove clipboard text formatting with ease on MAC OSX

Extract text written on images, free online new OCR

Do you want to extract text written on an image file? NewOCR is an online tool for OCR (optical character recognition). It can convert text written on images into editable text. You can copy editable text and save in the form of notepad or word document file. It is an online tool and does