Turn Caps lock ON & type uppercase text on iPad


On-screen keyboard on iPad can little confusing for first time users of Apple Ipad device. We have already seen easy way to hide the on-screen keyboard on iPad screen. Just like standard keyboard, you can use the on-screen keyboard to turn the Caps lock ON for typing text in uppercase mode.

Type text in uppercase

Tap the Shift key before tapping a letter. Alternatively, touch and hold the Shift key, then slide to a letter.

Turn Caps lock ON on iPad

Double tap the Shift key, the Shift key will turn blue. All letters you type afterwards are uppercase. Tap the Shift key to turn caps lock off.



  1. You may need to enable shift lock in Setting, General, Keyboard for the shift lock to work.

    Single click of shift key, arrow goes blue on white background. Double click the key and the colours invert, white arrow on blue background. Shift lock stays on til you click the shift key again.

  2. YES IT DOES HERE IS AN EXAMPLE. JUST DOUBLE TAP THE SHIT KEY…here it is off with just a single tap…NOW IT IS BACK ON!!!!!

  3. I tried to turn caps lock on the way you suggest by double click on shift key till it turns blue- but this did not work??

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