Find iPhone IMEI & serial number


Each Apple iPhone device has unique serial number, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, identifier or ICCID number. An iPhone user may want to know these details of iPhone device at hand for further use. There are number of ways to check such details of an iPhone.

1. Back of original iPhone

You can check serial number details by looking at the back of iPhone device. The serial number and IMEI details are engraved on the metal case at the back.

2. On iPhone SIM tray

Serial number and IMEI number is also written on the SIM tray contained in the iPhone device. Pull out the SIM tray to view such details. Please note, SIM tray is location in iPhone 4 is different as compared to iPhone 3 and 3GS.

3. On iPhone About screen

iPhone serial number, IMEI and ICCI information can also be viewed from iPhone About screen. From the Home screen, goto Settings > General > About and scroll down to see required details.

4. Connect iPhone to check in iTunes

Connect iPhone to computer and open iTunes. Then select iPhone from left hand side of iTunes interface. Click ‘Summary’ tab to view iPhone serial number details. Then click phone number to view IMEI number. Further click IMEI number to view ICCID number.

5. Check original packaging slip

You can also find iPhone serial number and IMEI on the packaging material in which your new iPhone came. Check on the barcode label affixed on the packaging material to view required details. [Credit: Apple Support]



  1. Plz who have Apple iphone 4S Serial number and the IMEI number

  2. Arif Fariza says

    Hi, i have iphone with imei 012536006918238
    Can you tell me what the carier and country for this…?

  3. I hve bought IPhone 5 from chinese seller,but the problem is, i still don’t know what is my IPhone 5 brand!!

    this is my IPhone 5 serial number

    do something please…

  4. hi there can i ask bout the serial number?tnx

  5. is this an original iphone 4g : IMEI 012430003516791

    more regards

  6. btw
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  7. Something useful

  8. How do I check online if an IPhone 4 is an original mobile from apple before I buy it?

    Note: All I have about that mobile is its serial number which known by the IMEI 012430003516791. Can you please show me the tips with many thanks in advance.

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