How to download Google Chrome on iPad & iPhone

Safari is the default browser on Apple device like iPad and iPhone. If you do not like it,  you always switch from using Safari to Google Chrome for internet surfing on iPad, iPhone iOS devices. Google Chrome is available as free download in the Apple App Store. Any iOS user can download

How to use Vine for creating short videos

Vine videos are getting popular on the internet. Vine service is supported by Twitter that allows you to create short looping videos. You can make short videos of 6 seconds or less with sound using Vine App. Just like short text updates on Twitter or static photo updates on Instagram, Vine

Use classic desktop like Google Search on iPad

We use Google Search on majority of devices like desktop, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Google Search allows you to discover required content quickly on any device of your choice. Google display customized Search website for tablet users like Apple iPad complimenting the screen

Post & view Facebook photos faster on iPad & iPhone

Facebook acquired Instagram and everyone was expecting the result of this acquisition. Here it is, giving bump to Facebook photo sharing and viewing functionality on mobile devices with all new "Facebook Camera' app. This Instagram wannabe app is not replacement for Instagram, however it

Create more secure & complex iPad login passcode

By default, iPad has simple passcode feature allowing you to select only 4 digits password. You can use this feature and lock ipad with login password to restrict usage. Using simple passcode has serious limitation of password being too simple. The default simple password feature only

Sign PDF documents using finger on iPad & mobile

Signing PDF document with unique signature add seal of security and identity to your documents. New release of Adobe Reader X application makes routine of adding signature to a PDF file very simple - involving just few finger swipes. Using your finger you can add custom signature to a PDF

How to change & rename my Name on iPad

Everyone love personalization while using gadgets and online services. Assigning your name to Apple iPad device that you own is a common practise. Are you looking for a way to rename and change the existing name on your iPad? Changing name (ideally removing name information) on iPad is a

Delete & remove Email accounts from iPad

Besides accessing visually rich content, Apple iPad can be used to check and send email messages. You can setup email account on ipad by adding one or more email accounts. For privacy, you may delete any or all email accounts on your ipad (say, when you are loaning iPad to a friend

Change font & theme while reading in iBooks on iPad

Apple provide free ibooks app for reading ebooks files on iPad device. It is very handy application for easy reading of ebooks with direct access to Store for downloading latest ebooks of your choice. You can make ebooks reading experience more comfortable by customizing font style of the

Reopen recently closed tabs in Safari on iPad

Safari web browser is used for surfing internet on iPad device. With recent iOS 5 update, lot of new features were added including tabs support in Safari browser. Now you can browse different webpages in multiple tabs within same interfacing window in Safari browser on your iPad. While

Check iCloud storage & backup space on iPad

iCloud service on your iOS devices like iPad and iPhone automatically backs up files, applications and settings to your account's online cloud storage. By default, you have 5GB of free storage and backup space with your iCloud account access. You need to purchase additional space beyond