Download best free iPad apps

iPad is new apple way to view and consume content (lots of content) in grand big screen style. It is bigger than iphone but smaller than laptop screen. In-spite of limitations like no multi-tasking or USB support - it is creating lot of buzz and people wanting this Apple creation. Many web

Free Twiter on iPad apps: Tweetdeck & Twitterific

Just got new iPad and missing buzzing of tweets? Just download a free Twitter app on your iPad to get busy sending and reading tweets all the time. While there are number of paid Twitter apps, surprisingly best ones come with $0 price tag. Checkout feature laden and iPad customized

Open neater Gmail & Youtube on iPad tablet

iPad tablet from Apple is making all the buzz with positive reviews. It promises great way to access web content and other content like ebooks, newspapers in a neat and large viewable format. You can also access Google services like Gmail, Youtube and more in tweaked manner best suited for