Which articles from your website got pinned on Pinterest

Pinterest is fast emerging online service to bookmark and share interesting content across the web. Many users on Pinterest add content of their choice on different topics. Besides easy accessibility for users, it offers good exposure to content publishers. As a blogger, do you want to

Add LinkedIn share buttons to website

LinkedIn is a popular website to create profile of your professional expertise and accomplishments. You can network and connect with like minded professionals through linkedIn website. If you are a blogger or webmaster, then you can add new 'LinkedIn Share' buttons to your blog, website or

Type quickly with word & phrase sugggestions

Do you want to type quickly with variety of words and phrases? Google Scribe is a text completion service that helps you type quickly. It provide suggestions for correct or popular phrases as you type. Word or phrase completion suggestions are provided on the basis of text already typed in

Add ‘Follow Me on Digg’ buttons to blog

New versions of Digg is more social with better connectivity to other social websites. You can auto publish your blog content on Digg profile and promote Digg profile on your blog using 'Follow Me on Digg' buttons. Other Digg users can follow your Digg profile (just like Twitter) and get

Auto publish latest blog posts on digg

Newer Digg allow bloggers and webmasters spread their content with greater ease. You can automatically import RSS feed and publish latest blog posts (articles) to your Digg profile using "auto submit content" feature. Just enter the RSS feed and verify its ownership to automatically send

Verify website in Google Webmaster with DNS record

If you have a website or blog, it is always advisable to get it listed in Google Webmasters Tools to track its status in Google Search index. Google Webmasters Tools provide very useful information about your website or blog in relation to its position in Google Search. You can evaluate

Add captions to images on Blogger blog

Blogger platform has added a new feature to easily add caption to images without having to mess around with manual code in 'Edit HTML' mode. As of now, feature of adding caption to uploaded photos is only available in 'Blogger in Draft' editor. Besides showing captions, you can format

Import & transfer Posterous blog to WordPress

Posterous(.com) is a popular micro blogging platform for quick fire posting via email or web based interface. Many people use Posterous for creating and managing no-frills personal blogs. Wordpress.com blog also has quick post by email feature and user may want to switch from Posterous to

Create Robots.txt file: syntax, example, generator tools

Robots.txt is a small text file with set of instructions for search engine spiders and bots. Contents of robots.txt file can help website owners, webmasters block or grant access to different parts of website to bots for the purpose of indexing on search results. Though not mandatory, it

Download LiveJournal blog entries [backup tool]

LiveJournal is a popular web service to create free blogs and journals. If you are an active Live Journal user and want to safe keep your blog offline, then checkout LJColligo. It is a free backup tool for Live Journal blogs. It allows you to download all blog entries and comments from

No RSS feed to subscribe website updates ?

"... my favorite website, blog does not provide RSS feed subscription to track regular updates in my RSS feed reader". Are you facing similar issue? Well, there is easy workaround to get RSS feed updates of any website that do not offer RSS feed. You can use third party online tools to

Add Blog RSS feed to Twitter with Feedburner

Feedburner has been quiet (feature wise) ever since Google acquired it. Finally, Google has added a new feature to Feedburner service that allows you to publish RSS feed of your blog or website to specific Twitter account automatically. You can customize text, hastags for automatic RSS